Production Update. DVT#2 Has Begun

Hi All

We have good news, investment has been secured as planned and DV2 is now in full flow.
The building of the final test batch started on Friday.
Here are some latest shots from the factory.

Image 1: Batch of freshly prepared Carbon 1 monocoques ready for assembly

Carbon Body Quality Control:

More updates coming soon.


Thanks for the update be great to see images of the final product especially as the “v” design has changed.

Nearly there!!!

Great Jamie, thank you, nice to see the progress!
I like the Carbon I😊

Wie funktioniert das dann weiter, werden die Löcher für Anschlüsse und Camera in das Monocoque gestanzt? Und wie wird der beleuchtbare “Carbon”- Schriftzug realisiert?

How does it work then, are the holes for the connectors and the camera punched into the monocoque? And how is the illuminated “Carbon” lettering realized?

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Sehr schön zu sehen wie es produziert wird :heart_eyes:

Eines der coolsten Projekte die mit Tepex realisiert wurden :ok_hand:t3:

Yes, interesting to see. This is great.

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Hi Jamie,
thank you for the interesting production update.
I am really curious about the next information and new photos.

Hi Jamie,
do you have any news for us about the state of production, the qualification and the delivery date of the founder edition of the CARBON 1?

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Hi Bernd
Thanks for asking.
We have another 20 phones being assembled tomorrow which will be put through the latest round of software and hardware testing on Thursday. We will have a detailed update by the end of the week.
Watch this space


Thank you Jamie,
nice to hear about our progress✌🏼

Great news…
Always good to know, v getting a step closer… looking forward at more updates…
Thank u Jamie

Hi all
Just a quick note to say update coming on Monday.
We had planned for today but with more testing happening over the weekend, we’d rather wait to get a full picture on Monday to share.
Have a great weekend!


I took a fortnight’s holiday and didn’t follow the matter up in time, but I think Monday is good, a hopefully pleasant start to the week. Two weeks to delivery, how does it look, will you be able to meet the deadline?

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Monday is coming to an end in one hour. Anything else coming?


Hello @Achim
I am working on the update still, will be shared tomorrow.

Hello all

We are very sorry for the latest communication delay.
There has been a lot of iteration of the device in the last week as we finalize DVT #1.5 with some additional testing happening as we speak. We are keen to see the results before we share status with you and believe strongly that waiting until tomorrow for clarity will be beneficial for everyone.

Please watch this space for a video update that will be posted here tomorrow.


I do not want to reproach you at all. But if you have problems, just tell us. We understand that and forgive you for explaining it, but, we want to know.


Hello Achim and all,

We are trying to finalize an important test with antenna lab, and we still didn’t get the result yet.
That’s why the delay in communication.
Once we have the information, then we can share with you… we will be able to share by Friday.
I can tell that we bought all components for founder edition customers already.
We are pumped and confident the last 2 weeks results so far.
We will have detailed update by Friday.



Carbonizers keep calm and trust in your work and progress.