October Update. Production, Upgrades & More!

Hi everyone

October has been a big month and we have a lot to share.

With last month’s investment unlocking our potential to ramp up testing and go to market preparation, there is a lot to share this month.

Sorry for the delay and how late this is in the day. Extremely busy and aligning time to get this filmed was a real challenge.

New Look - First Glimpse: Firas has got his hands on the stunning new look Carbon 1 MK II. We are incredibly happy with this new version with all cosmetic challenges now resolved and all final testing remaining is focused on hardware and software integration.

Parts Parts Parts: Parts have now arrived in the factory ready for assembly. The first 80 Devices in the DVT 2 build are being assembled as we speak.

Testing Update: Last month we brought you the news that we had solved a grounding challenge to ensure the new HyRECM Technology is ready. Since then, the team have been investing time to create a machine automated process for this to get into mass production. This has unfortunately caused a delay but we have solved this. We are unable to show you this innovation as its being filed for patent but when we can, we will share with you.

Free Upgrades: We have looked to upgrade the hardware and software specs of the Carbon 1 MK II. We are very pleased to announce that we have made orders for 256GB internal storage and the latest Gorilla Glass 7 that will feature in all your devices. We can also now confirm that Android 11 will be ready as a software upgrade in Q1 2021.

Promotional Materials: Tune in to the video for a very quick glimpse of some of the advertising in the works. The advert will be shared in all its glory next month when ready. A first glimpse of the box is also presented, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Bumper: For those of you that want one, the Carbon 1 MK II will have a bumper ready in Q1 2020 to help protect the screen and added support on the corners. You can look at the bumper in the presentation.

Delays & Delivery: For the testing reason outlined above, we have seen some delays. We apologise again for the inconvenience; revised expectations as follows:

  • Founder Editions: 2nd/ 3rd Week Dec
  • Carbonizer Editions: Last Week Dec/ Early Jan

We are doing everything in power to get your devices to you and for many of you we hope it will be with you in time for Christmas.

Many thanks



Highlights aus dem Oktober-Update

Nachdem die Investitionen des letzten Monats unser Potential freigesetzt haben, die Tests zu intensivieren und die Marktvorbereitungen voranzutreiben, gibt es diesen Monat viel zu teilen.

Neuer Look. erster Blick: Firas hat das atemberaubenden Carbon 1 MK II mit etwas neuem Design, in die Hände bekommen. Wir sind unglaublich glücklich mit dieser neuen Version, da nun alle kosmetischen Herausforderungen gelöst sind und alle abschließenden Tests sich auf die Integration von Hardware und Software konzentrieren.

Teile Teile: Die Teile sind nun in der Fabrik angekommen, bereit für die Montage. Die ersten 80 Geräte in der DVT 2-Version werden in diesem Moment zusammengebaut.

Test-Update: Letzten Monat brachten wir euch die Nachricht, dass wir eine Erdungsherausforderung gelöst haben, um sicherzustellen, dass die neue HyRECM-Technologie fertig ist. Seitdem hat das Team Zeit investiert, um einen maschinell automatisierten Prozess zu entwickeln, damit diese in die Serienproduktion gehen kann. Das hat leider eine Verzögerung verursacht, aber wir haben das Problem gelöst. Wir können euch diese Innovation leider nich zeigen, da sie zum Patent angemeldet wurde, aber sobald wir es können, werden wir diese mit euch teilen.

Kostenlose Upgrades: Wir haben uns bemüht, die Hardware- und Software-Spezifikationen des Carbon 1 MK II zu aktualisieren. Wir freuen uns sehr, euch mitteilen zu können, dass wir 256 GB internen Speicher und das neueste Gorilla Glass 7 in allen euren Geräten enthalten sein wird. Wir können jetzt auch bestätigen, dass Android 11 als Software-Upgrade in Q1 2021 möglich sein wird.

Werbematerial: Schaut euch das Video an, um einen kurzen Blick auf die Werbung zu werfen, die gerade in Arbeit ist. Die Werbung wird in ihrer ganzen Pracht nächsten Monat in die Startlöcher gehen, wenn sie fertig ist. Außerdem wird ein erster Blick auf die Box geworfen, und wir würden uns über euer Feedback dazu freuen.

Bumper: Für diejenigen unter euch, die einen haben wollen, wird das Carbon 1 MK II im 1. Quartal 2021 einen Bumper inklusive haben, der den Bildschirm schützen soll und zusätzlichen Schutz an den Ecken bietet. Ihr könnt euch den Bumper in der Präsentation ansehen.

Verzögerungen & Lieferung: Aus dem oben genannten Gründen haben wir einige Verzögerungen hinnehmen müssen. Wir entschuldigen uns nochmals für die Unannehmlichkeiten; unsere Erwartungen wurden wie folgt revidiert:

  • Gründer-Editionen: 2./3. Woche Dez
  • Carbonizer-Editionen: Letzte Woche Dez/ Anfang Jan

Wir tun alles, was in unserer Macht steht, um eure Geräte zu euch zu bringen und für viele von euch hoffen wir, dass sie rechtzeitig zu Weihnachten bei euch sein werden.

Vielen Dank



That looks & sounds really good. Thanks for sharing those news. Hopefully there won‘t be more delays.


These are really some good news. Hopefully we will be able to hold our Carbon 1 MK II in our hands for Christmas. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, there it is. Design and Gorilla 7 are very nice. Are you also updating the processor (meanwhile it’s getting no more up to date) I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and to test it.
Thank you

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Thanks for offering the extra storage. Regarding the new gorilla glass 7: will this also be a thinner version especially produced for carbon mobile ?

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Great news! Let’s hope together that the schedule works and that the Carbon 1 MK II sweetens the Christmas season. My old LG G4 is already waiting to be replaced.
The start of advertising will certainly be an important moment to get a first broader feedback from market. The box suits the carbon mobile well and underlines the values for which the brand is standig for.
So it remains exciting up to day X.


Thanks for all the update and information, really excited to hold the Carbon 1 II in my hands but, please note that the delay not good! the time is ruining so fast driving the technology in the same track.


I am very glad and excited for the steps you have made in order to accomplish a more minimalistic, sophisticated look!
To whisper and letting the design and technology speak instead of shouting like most of the other producers.
Same direction taken in software.
Clean usability and performance.

Looking forward!

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Indeed, this is actually the thinnest Gorilla Glass 7 that Corning produced so far, usually they are at 0.7-0.8mm.
Our GG7 is 0.4mm.

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Wow, that‘s impressive. Thanks for managing to provide those upgrades.

Thanks for all the update and information. Sounds good. Hope to hold a CM in my hands soon…

Wow as I previously introduced myself I am employee of Corning in Korea.

What kind of relationship do you guys have with Corning? 0.4mm needs serious engineering support from Corning Gorilla Glass guys - not all phone makers get to enjoy such level of support. Real curious!!!


You are right Hae,
Corning is too huge of a company to support such requirements you need to be a huge customer. Let alone the MOQ and type of vetting they need to do for a new company like us!
In fact, there was no chance to work with Corning 3 years ago.
After a couple of tries, we managed to get the attention of some of Corning Europe management with our odd request for Corning GG6 at 0.4mm at that time.
After looking at our product they realized our company’s vision and product USP ( superior materials, thinnest, lightest, sustainability) bonded with the thinnest and strongest Smartphone glass lens GG6. a good match, right?
That where we started to get support from Corning, not just as a customer and sales figures, but to realize that we are much beyond that!
I am glad you brought this up.


Wow. Wunderbar.

I work at Corning - Corning is very very picky in providing product engineering support even if it is at a fee, let alone free of charge.

All of this adds more confidence to what you guys are building!!!


So, are you on track? Antenna and mainboard production ready?

Und, seid Ihr im Plan? Antennen und Mainboard Produktion fertig?

hello @Achim
sorry for delay on reply.
I did a quick update here:


hi @firascarbonizer
Thanks for the update,
Is there any exact time for delivery? Also please we need to know about the next payment details, how much and when we have to pay?


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