JABRA & AMAZON Update - They are on their way!

Hi all

This message is to all of you waiting on your Jabras and Amazon vouchers.
Thank you so much for your patience, I bring good news.
Taking photos isn’t the greatest strength of our delivery partner but hopefully this is as exciting for you as it is for us to see.

Jabras, being packaged up and sent out now.

Regarding those that requested an Amazon voucher, these will be distributed in the next few days also.

We’re very happy to finally distribute these well deserved rewards!

Jamie & Carbon Team


Short Info. The message of the delivery partner has landed in my spam folder.

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Delivery notice was in my email yesterday. Waiting…

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Thanks for making us aware of this, we’ll send a note to everyone to tell them to look out for that

Meine Jabras sind angekommen, danke. Werde sie heute Abend mal testen.

Beides ist soeben angekommen. Danke für den Bonus :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Auch meine sind heute angekommen, danke dafür. Jetzt fehlt nur noch mein Carbon, das noch in Berlin zum “fixing” ist…

Nabend an alle meine Jabra’s sind auch angekommen und der Klang ist super


MfG Chris🤓

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Hello Jamie,

My Jabra seem to be stuck somewhere…

Tracking : UPS 1Z6074E20496843127

Sorry to see this! Let’s wait till the end of the day and see if there is movement and follow up if not :slight_smile:


Just received it, so many thanks.

I noticed an audio latency (500 ms) while gaming.

I sent a mail to jabra support can you also check on your side ? Thanks

They just arrived also in Bundesliga town Fürth​:shamrock::+1:t3:
Thank you very much all at Carbon for this nice present!!

I received the jabras too. Thanks a lot for this great extra gift. Unfortunately the charging adapter has not been included with this package. Did you send a second one which got lost ? Please let me know.

Bei mir war das Ladegerät dabei.

Hallo zusammen,

Wie kann man die Kopfhörer Erwerben?


Hi Thom, thanks for making us aware of this - looks like the delivery guys missed off your charger. Will be sent today :slight_smile:

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Mine was included. :slightly_smiling_face:


Received my Jabra n adapter.
Thank u.

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I got only the Jabra´s…No power adapter…

Didn’t get a charging adapter either, but I don’t really care - if only I had everything in such abundance as USB chargers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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