JABRA & AMAZON Update - They are on their way!


Meine sind letzte Woche angekommen :slightly_smiling_face:

Hatte nie bei einem meiner vorherigen geräte so hochwertige Kopfhörer dabei, vielen Dank hierfür…

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That’s great news! Pleased your happy with them :slight_smile:


my JABRA-statement:

*PACKAGING (for the price and product level) super solved and well thought out - packaging one a

*DESIGN: someone has thought! Product covers half of the packaging area - simple, expressive 3D-view that does not hide anything - also the font sizes used are very buyer-friendly and to underscore the importance of the product version, simply placed vertically on the right (clever shaft move) - very successful presentation (1x1 des Marketings)

*BOX: with 2 functions: Storage + regeneration (earplugs) as well as charging of the box including contents on the net is fantastically solved with the small color lights

*JABRA-APP: in order to be able to use the ear studs functionally, the APP had to be downloaded (which APP? - was written on the top of the packaging)

*APP functions = TOP: very easy to set up + use - functionally described sometimes with animation or graphics - USB pairing easy and trouble-free

*HEADSET: I put ear buds on the same level with the CARBON: very heavy, which is disappointing - expected a lightweight and flatter, would also have been phenomenal and absolutely fit into the CARBON strategy and line.

*THE RUBBER CUFFS: including the smallest is not the real thing for me. I wear them now without and very carefully - but not in continuous use - because they fall out at the latest after 30 minutes or no longer sit properly (I assume it is due to the combi: heaviness and height of the plugs). For jogging they are unfortunately not useable for me or other sports activity.

Listening to music: blocks at some point, although there are still enough tracks available to play. It does not matter if it is an SD card or internal storage. Range is surprisingly good. Noise reduction does not work badly either. Phone and other control processes work well. It should be highlighted that the commands can be set up by the user.

*JABRA-homepage: Presentation of the JABRA’s use with functional description – a big compliment.

Hi Martina

Really appreciate the feedback here.
I’m pleased that overall you are a big fan of the Jabras!
Yes, weight is something that needs to be looked at and working with Jabra was a temporary solution until we can create our own super lightweight carbon fibre powered headphones. There is lots happening behind the scenes here on the audio development side.
Watch this space!

Hi Jamie
I am ready for your next surprise.

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