Who's here? introduce yourself!

Hi all :wave:
I’m Jamie, Comms Director here at Carbon Mobile.
You see me a lot on emails.
I’m responsible for overseeing the Community with the team!
Like the rest of the Carbon team I’m a bit of a tech nerd, especially space and of course future composite innovations.
See you in the forums.
Now tell us about yourself!


Hi Guys,

This is Klaus - I am heading up Sales within the team and I am looking after sales channels in particular.

I guess I was brought into the team because of my grey hair. Well, maybe also because I am old pro in this space. And maybe because I really love the idea of taking carbon fibre into action in the smartphone arena - and maybe it is just such a cool and unique thing to do.

Lets face it - the mobile phones market has been quite boring for some time. It is time for some fresh Carbonzier breeze !!!

See you around.


Hey guys!
I’m Tommy. Long time fan of Carbon, I have been following you guys since the Carbon 1. I’ve purchased and now can’t wait to see it finally launch and get my hands on it.

Great to see this community launch too, good to see what everyone else is thinking.

Speak to you all in forums!



Hey I’m Jascha, the COO and I previously worked in electronics companies such as SHARP Corporation. I’m with Carbon the second longest after Firas and we have seen a crazy number of ups and downs since then. The challenges continue, however Carbon is on the last 100 meters to product release at last.

Great to see the community getting started now and everything coming together. Looking forward to having this more personal way of communication and sharing information between Carbonizers.


Hello I’m Alexander,

Im very happy to be here. Im excited to be a founder and help a new company to get bigger.

See you in forum.



Alexander, hello!
Great to see you on here and looking forward to getting the Founders Program going very soon.

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Great to have you here Tommy

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Hi everyone ,

Great that the community started and that the final phase before the launch has started. I’m excited since the beginning of the journey and hope the founders help to make this a great phone…


Hey, my name is Roman.
I am very happy to be part of the revolution of smartphones as we know them as a Beta tester of the Carbon 1!
As I was searching for new, thin and innovative phones I learned about the Carbon 1 and was immediately convinced and pre ordered it as soon as I could. Although it was a long wait I am sure it was worth it, because there is no other phone on the market that is as innovative as this one and it is also superior in it’s design.
I am glad to be part of this community and to be able to contribute to the project of bringing a change into the mobile phone market.

See you in the forums.

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Hello everyone
Hope you are doing well in these super odd times!
Great to be here


Hello Carbon Mobile, and hello to all fellow Carbonizers.

I’m MkStevo and I’m a huge fan of all things tech. I date back to the era of Sinclair ZX80/81/Spectrum computers and so I’ve seen tech come, and tech go. I was a big fan of the Psion computers and can still remember the amazement I felt when I opened that Psion Series 3 for the very first time. A real computer? In my pocket? Wow!

I’ve been a backer of a few 'phones along the way.

I loved the looks of the Nextbit Robin, my Wife still has one as her device, having not found anything as stylish to replace it.

I also was very sorry to see Essential close. My PH-1 was perfect, but fatally flawed. Perfect in size, lovely to use in almost every way apart from struggling to pick up any signal almost everywhere. That’s quite a big flaw. If that had been able to be modified in a PH-2, I’d probably not be here now.

I still have the wafer thin OPPO R5 (R8105) which at the time was the “World’s Slimmest Smartphone”. I’ve been able to update it to Android 9 with LineageOS and was using it until recently. I may go back to it while I wait for my Carbon, especially if LineageOS is updated for it to Android 10.

At the moment I’m using my Smartisan Nut Pro. Smartisan are not well known outside of China, but the Smartisan design philosophy centres around symmetry and balance. Two features that I particularly look for in designs. Being a Chinese device, support for it (particularly in the UK) is hard to come by and it is running an older version of Android. Otherwise, it’s a fabulous device, really quick, looks good too but it, like the OPPO, doesn’t do Google Pay which I really like. Here’s hoping the Carbon is compatible with Google Pay…

Enough rambling from me. Hello again and I look forward to being able to participate in the Carbon Community.


Hello everyone,
I am Volker. I am a grey hair type, too. Was in IT from 1964(student) or 1969 entry) until my early retirement with IBM Germany, in 1995. Did some software design at the time of the „big iron“, saw the first PC that came to Germany, the first ThinkPad that was available, and did a lot of teaching and marketing for PCs in Manufacturing. I look forward to a slim phone in my pocket as well, think that iPhones were great but now a commodity like other smartphones on the market.
Looking forward…


Hello Carbonizers,

This is Firas, CEO of Carbon Mobile.
I do a bit of everything, and I spent most of my time in product development.

I can call my self the first-Carbonizer :alien:, started Carbon Mobile with the ambitious for innovation, material- science, and personal-electronics.

I dream, breath, think Carbon. We want to build really unique products that disrupt the industry.

Together, we want to the true European alternative, that deliver new and unique products. while respecting the values of being a European company, when it comes to sustainability, innovation, art, and free-spirit.

I will be looking forward to hear and discuss with you all of you.


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Hi everyone,
I’m Hans-Peter and I’m happy to be part of the Carbonizer Community. I already got to know carbon in my professional world (automotive). But I think as a material for a mobile it is a special challenge. It will therefore be exciting to launch the project. I’m looking forward to the time ahead …


Hi everyone,
my name is Markus, and I am so excited that things are getting started with Founders Programm!
We have all been waiting for sooo long - and now it is finally here! :heart:
Thanks for never giving up guys! I never doubted you!

I am looking forward to talking, sharing and most of all EXPERIENCING with you!


Hi, I´am Alex.
Nice to be here with all of you. :smiley:


Hello Everybody,

I’m Laurent from Belgium.
I discovered Carbon device by searching for an alternative of my HTC U11 device.
I was immediately seduced…I love niche products…
It’s really a pleasure to take part of the launch of a new way of thinking the mobile devices.
Carbon material known for its durability and resistance used in F1 and space material, also in security for armoured cars.
On the other hand, I hope the project will take also the challenge of ecology by offering a real new way of thinking the mobile devices.
The dawn of a new mobile world…

I believe in your project :+1: :four_leaf_clover:



Hi Laurent,

i don´t know if you ever repaired your smartphone. I did this now with some of mine. The better ones are more oder less glued. Inside they are pretty simple. I would like to compare them with a package. You can put in whatever you want to. It just has to fit. Lately i deconstructed and reconstructed my old Xperia Z5 compact. It was like playing with LEGO. Except that you perhaps need a pincette.

I hope that Carbon finds a way how parts can be changed with better and more modern electronics without that i have to buy a new smartphone. I would like to see it going this way: I own the Carbon body. And the electronics inside. But when i need improvements, i´d like to either send my device to Carbon or get their newest gadgets. For cash of course.

I believe the time to be right for the Carbon. 6" is by far enough. Even more than ever expected by me.

And it is nothing for the masses. It is simply one of the coolest gadgets these days. And i can´t await to have it. Not to show it around, just for me!


My name is Achim. I am a Carbonizer since March 2018.
I wonder which of the first Carbonizers I will meet again in the new format. And of course, what has become of all the ideas, what has made it into the current version. My respect for the team for staying with it and letting the project take on form.


Hello Groundtorpedo,

I never repaired it myself but indeed you defined exactly the way I’d like to see the future of mobile phone ecosystem.