One more design locked


The design of the magnetic Carbon cable is done and going to production. The N52 magnets (strongest neodymium magnets on earth) will ensure a firm connection to the Carbon port. And the Kevlar braided cable ensures the perfect balance between tensile strength, flexibility and stiffness.


Joaquin Diaz Gutierrez De

That’s awesome. No more three month lasting cables for charging the phone…

:slight_smile: and no more lint inside the connector blocking good contact.

Harish Mu
Looks neat :smiley:

Perhaps a very dumb question, but is it not possible to use this connector also for the earphones? I can´t really imagine that users will load the batteries AND listen to music at the same time. WiFi would also be fine for the earphones (Bluetooth´s quality doesn´t seem good enough to me, but this is just a conclusion because of my Merrcedes Command). However, i would prefer cable-connected earphones. And simply because i can´t lose them as easy as i lost a whole bunch of Bluetooth-Headsets.

Jerko Us it is a good question. Carbon has 2 magnetic ports. One on the side, one on the bottom. So you can charge and connect accessories at the same time. Once you connect an accessory in OTG mode (such as an DAC for cabled earphones), the other port goes to charging mode only. We are working on the DAC, a post will come about it soon. Carbon 69’s has both options of cables (BT and silver-platted cables) which you can interchange and replace, as they disconnect easily from the in-ear driver units which are attached to the cable with MMCX connectors

CarbonTeam, muchas gracias por la informaciĂłn. :wink:

Joerg Gu

Anael St


Cool; ich bin schon gespannt wie sich das Carbon Mobile in der Hand anfĂĽhlt!!! Wird fantastisch sein!!!

Roy Sa
Passt auf jeden Fall harmonisch in Euer Konzept

Vielen Dank Michael St und Roy Sa !!

Wow, endlich kein Gefummel mehr mit dem Ladekabel, einfach den Magneten ran und gut ist’s… gefällt mir sehr!!

Genau! Genau! Stephan Ka

Wow, endlich kein Gefummel mehr mit dem Ladekabel, einfach den Magneten ran und gut ist’s… gefällt mir sehr!!

Klasse. Einfach und schnell. Kein rumbasteln mehr bis der Stecker richtig sitzt. Das gefällt mir! :+1:

Richtig!Richtig! Uwe Ho

WoW, well designed.

Michael Ku

In Kombination mit der schnellen Ladezeit perfekt - fĂĽr Power User :sunglasses:

Andreas Sc
Jau. Das klingt sehr gut.