December Production Update Pt 2

Hi Everbody

Last week, we gave you a quick update on DVT#2 progress.

Since then, we have been able to get a better picture of the DVT#2 results and understand fully what needs to happen to get the Carbon 1 MK II into production.

Firas has recorded the latest update, which will explain everything in detail.


The results of DVT#2 have been incredibly positive.

  • Success Rate: Testing achieved a 93% success rate. This means working devices with software and hardware working well and no problems with all core functionality.

  • Challenges:

  • The 7% failures have been identified and the most common problems were due to defective components or damage as the assembly team test the build process.

  • There are some software issues to resolve but this is expected at this stage and work on solving them has already made good progress this week.

During DVT#2, pre-testing process for CE and GMS (Google Certification) was carried out. The device passed on both counts and signifies that we have a market ready device .

Since last week’s update, the team has explored the issues outstanding. Here’s what you need to know:

Issues to be solved:
1. Fingerprint Sensor: The adhesive for the fingerprint sensor was incosistent in testing. A new design was required. Engineers started work immediately and a thinner sensor within the monocoque design is expected to solve the problem.

2. PCB: The 7% failures in testing were due to a sensitive part in the PCB which could be damaged during assembly. The team have replaced this component with a more robust solution ready for testing.

3. Software errors: Since last week, 50% of software bugs have been resolved and the remaining are expected to be solved in the next 7 days.

Final test:
DVT#2.5: next week or early week after, the new fingerprint sensor and PCB will be tested in a build of 10-15 devices. Expectations are very high and we are confident in all devices being approved.

Production: Unfortunately, there will be a delay. Delivery on the new PCB for Founder Editions will take 3 weeks. We are pushing all we can to get them quickly but right now, this is the situation.

Founder Editions: Due to the PCB delivery, the production of Founder Editions will be first week of January. We feel confident in a mid-January delivery.
Carbonizer Pre-Orders: Assembly will start after Founder Editions are shipped. They will be delivered mid February.

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Die Ergebnisse von DVT#2 sind unglaublich positiv.

Erfolgsquote: Die Tests erreichten eine Erfolgsquote von 93%. Keine Probleme mit Kernfunktionen.


  • Die 7% Ausfälle wurden identifiziert und die häufigsten Probleme waren auf defekte Komponenten oder Schäden zurĂĽckzufĂĽhren, während das Montageteam die Montage optimiert.

  • Es gibt einige Softwareprobleme zu lösen, aber dies wird zu diesem Zeitpunkt erwartet und die Arbeit an der Lösung dieser Probleme hat diese Woche bereits gute Fortschritte gemacht.

Während des DVT#2 wurde ein Vortestprozess für CE und GMS (Google-Zertifizierung) durchgeführt. Das Gerät hat beides bestanden und bedeutet, dass wir ein marktreifes Gerät haben.

Seit dem Update der letzten Woche hat das Team die noch offenen Fragen untersucht. Hier ist, was ihr wissen mĂĽsst:

Probleme, die gelöst werden müssen:
1. Fingerabdruck-Sensor: Der Klebstoff für den Fingerabdrucksensor war bei den Tests uneinheitlich. Ein verbessertes Design war erforderlich. Die Ingenieure begannen sofort mit der Arbeit und es wird erwartet, dass ein dünnerer Sensor innerhalb des Monocoque-Designs das Problem lösen wird.

2. PCB: Die 7% Fehlschläge beim Testen waren auf ein empfindliches Teil in der Platine zurückzuführen, das beim Zusammenbau leicht beschädigt werden konnte. Das Team hat dieses Bauteil durch eine robustere Lösung ersetzt.

3. Software-Fehler: Seit letzter Woche wurden 50% der Software-Fehler behoben und die restlichen werden voraussichtlich in den nächsten 7 Tagen behoben.

AbschlieĂźender Test:
DVT#2.5: Kommende Woche oder die Woche darauf, werden die neuen Platinen (PCBs) mit den neuen Fingerabdrucksensoren in einer Serie von 10-15 Geräten getestet. Die Erwartungen sind sehr hoch und wir sind zuversichtlich, dass alle Geräte zugelassen werden. Es sind kleine Änderungen die aber natürlich dennoch getestet werden müssen.

Produktion: Leider wird dies eine Verzögerung verursachen. Die Lieferung der PCBs wird 3 Wochen dauern. Wir geben alles, was wir können, um sie schnell zu bekommen, aber im Moment ist das die Situation

GrĂĽnder-Editionen: Aufgrund der PCB-Lieferung wird die Produktion der GrĂĽnder-Editionen in der ersten Januarwoche beginnen. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die Lieferung Mitte Januar stattfinden wird.
Carbonizer Vorbestellungen: Die Montage dieser wird nach der Auslieferung der GrĂĽnder-Editionen beginnen. Auslieferung findet Mitte Februar statt.

Thank you for your continued patience.
The end is in sight


Good to have a detailed overview about the work that needs to be done to get the phone ready for dispatch. It’s a bit surprising that such a slim area can really work as a fingerprint-scan. Stay healthy, all the best again for the next deciding weeks & have a successful start of the next year.


Good news - thank you.

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Hmmm… I was under the impression, when they launched the Carbon live and with big hullabaloo, that it was ready for production. Turns out, almost a year later, that they haven’t even resolved half of their hardware and software issues. The carbon will end up like my Shiftphone: after 2 years of waiting time, they don’t even bother to give upates any more. Looks like I have to buy a couple of other phones until I get finally one of these 2 pre-ordered phones. Betting remains open in what year this might happen :wink:

Luckily I bought a Fairphone during last visit in Europe, so I don’t have to rely on empty promises. By the way, Fairphone 1 was cool and actually delivered on time when pre-ordered. Fairphone 2 was an embarrassing disaster, but Fairphone 3 seems to work well again and will hopefully last the 2-3 years until Carbon is ready. Or Shiftphone…


Hello @kofi0243
I understand your frustrations, and we are also frustrated with the delays.

When we announced the Carbon 1 MK II in February this year, the project was in a very good position, and the timelines looked realistic.
COVID-19 changed the map and timeline for us. It paused development, stretched budgets, and halted key investor conversations. All of these problems can shut down a company and we are incredibly proud to have kept Carbon alive and the community’s support throughout.
We have since managed to resolve the issues above, and finally, have the DVT#2 build completed originally planned for the Summer.

The issues highlighted in DVT#2 are all aspects that we would not have learned until this stage in product development.

Personally, I don’t think it’s fair to be compared to Shiftphone and Fairphone (specifically FP1), those are European companies with initially off the shelf Chinese factory products, ready to put your logo on and ship to customers. Be assured I am not questioning the objectives of these fellow disrupting phones, just that their origin is somewhat different. This project was started from scratch and we are building a fully customized product, based on our design and engineering.

I’m sure you can agree the last thing we want, is to ship a product that is a disaster for the company and an embarrassment to us. This was a problem as you say for the Fairphone 2.
We are making sure we deliver a product that we are proud of.


Hi Firas,

points taken.

No hard feelings, though. I was just pulling your legs! :wink:


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Thanks to Carbon Mobile for the update. Thanks too for everyone working on this, I understand the problems with Covid have caused delays, along with others beyond your control. I am really looking forward to seeing my Carbon MkII.

I am wishing that I hadn’t sold my Galaxy S10e in June, expecting to see the MkII rather sooner than January 2021. Still, not long now.

Wishing everyone at Carbon Mobile and all the patient Founders a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year.


Thanks for the update and hope this will be the last delay. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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In my humble opinion, the carbon mobile cannot be compared to any other product in the market. It is so unique and to use a term a friend at the WEF used for our projects - it is “bleeding edge” technology … you have always a bleeding nose as you hit always new unexpected barriers. But that makes it so unique and instead of blaming on the company I really appreciate their approach to do something groundbreaking new. Yes it takes more time but at the end of the day we will have a wonderfull product. And yes it reminds me in our product…


Hello Jamie, Firas,

First of all, thanks a lot to update us, feedback about product’s evolution is always welcome, positive or negative.
Indeed RobertinoM, same opinion for me, a new concept, a new device, a new company will always be confronted to unintended hardware/software issue ; specially this year, delays could not be expected and avoided.
As everybody, we are all waiting this newborn impatiently.

Stay on course…
I wish you the best for end of year.



I don´t even remember when i noticed Carbon. But i´d still like to have one of the Founders Edition. It may be technically even outdated, when i get it. But my C63 AMG with the 6.2 Litre Engine is also outdated, my 500 R129 SL from 1992 and my 500 C126 from 1991 are outdated anyway. But i still love them.

The Carbon is not just a Phone. It´s a “wannahave” Gadget. Because it is unique.


Even though I find your car comparisons a bit pesky, I agree.

Achim, ich hoffe Du weißt um die Bedeutung des Wortes “pesky”…

Hey Firas,
thank you for your update. Nice to get some fine news.

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Hi Guys ,
i will wait for the best phone ever come to the market so far ,
so wait too and soon enjoy the phone


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Hello Firas and Jamie,

Thank you very much for the detailed information. I am very much looking forward to the best phone in the world for me.
It is exactly what I wanted because it is so unique and made of carbon fiber.
I have been working with composites both professionally and privately since I graduated.
Now the wait for the Carbon 1 will soon be over.
Best regards and Merry Christmas


Are there any testing results regarding the IP-rating of the phone ?

And Merry Christmas to all the workers that are doing a great job to make us have the first carbon thin phone


Das Beste? Na ja, sagen wir mal so: was die HĂĽlle betrifft, ja?? Technisch?? Nur MittelmaĂź!

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