Carbon Mobile: Status Update

Hello, Carbonizers and Community,

There is no easy way to justify the delays and lack of updates.

We’ve been going through tough times since the end of last year. And we are in the recovery process still.
I can summarize it as follow, we have have our Series A investment with a lead investor last year in August, and things were great for the future of Carbon Mobile’s team, technology, product and vision. This lead investor kept delaying us for days and weeks until November, in the team time the investor was aligned to have a product in 2022 and pushed us to expand our team and increase our expenses to deliver on time (Carbon 1 MK III). In November, we had to decrease operations and slow our runway to be able to find an alternative solution.
Since December we are have been working on saving the company and it’s going well, but not done yet.
Unfortunately, the Android 11 audio issue happened in parallel to the above, and we are also trying to resolve it with our partners quickly.

I am very optimistic about the future of Carbon Mobile and finding a solution soon.
We will have a more detailed update the soonest.

With love to all of you @CarbonizerFounder.


Don’t get broke, boyz! :+1:

That explains a bit why there was no detailed information over the last months, although it would’ve been nice to be updated earlier. Hopefully disappointed customers will have understanding for that. Thanks for letting us know about your difficult situation and all the best for your recovery process, because a lot of lost trust needs to be regained. Looking forward to more details about the future of carbon mobile, updates and improvements.


Oh no, did the lead investor back out?
Thanks for the update Firas.

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I hope that this phone will finally disappear from the market so that more buyers don’t fall for it !

Ich hoffe, das dieses Telefon zügig vom Markt verschwindet und nicht noch mehr Käufer darauf herein fallen. Das Ding taugt nicht mal mehr als Rentnerhandy. Absoluter Müll ! Aber mit Hochglanzwerbung und verblendeten Erstkäufern kann man wahrscheinlich alles verkaufen. Der Support ist absolut unfähig und ahnungslos. Nur primitive Antworten am Problem vorbei. Ich bin sowas von enttäuscht von diesem Schrott. Man braucht sich nur die Online Bewertungen überall durch zu lesen. Für mich ist das pure Abzocke am Kunden ! :-1: :-1: :-1:

Thank you Firas, for the Update, but
it would be also great if anybody of the Carbon Team is starting to read the Messages. I wrote on Feb 15th to you Firas and also to Jascha. 6 days ago i was trying to reach Jamie, in both cases i got no response…

Thank you very much for the update, Firas.
I still like this phone very much and hope that everything will develop for the better.
I wish you good success.


:+1::joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Your real unhappiness may be found in which thing/person?

Don’t tell us that you didn’t know what you were getting into when you made your investment decision, there is absolutely no difference to other things that were created with purpose for longer periods of use.
With every important purchase, information is prepared in advance - in one way or another. There are always basic principles, points of view and personal motives behind it.

If you don’t like CARBON in this way (and with the philosophy behind it)… - well, that’s your personal feeling, then have the courage to say goodbye to CARBON and choose another device that is to your liking and hopefully makes you happier and more satisfied than CARBON ever can.

Deine eigentliche Unzufriedenheit liegt in welcher Sache/Person?
Erzähle uns nicht, dass Du bei Deiner Kauf-Entscheidung nicht gewusst hast, worauf Du Dich einlässt, es besteht absolut kein Unterschied zu anderen Dingen, die mit Sinn + Zweck für längere Nutzungszeiträume geschaffen wurden. Meisten werden bei jeder größeren Anschaffung Vorab-Informationen gesammelt – in welcher Art auch immer. Es stehen gewisse Prinzipien, Standpunkte und persönliche Beweggründe dahinter

Wenn Du das CARBON in der Art (und mit der dahinterstehenden Philosophie) nicht magst… - gut, das ist Dein persönliches empfinden, dann sei so mutig und sage CARBON ade und wähle ein anderes Gerät, was zu Dir passt und Dich hoffentlich glücklicher und zufriedener macht, als CARBON es je kann.


The community wants to share, no matter how unpleasant things are (like worries and problems). We are overjoyed about the sign of life - next time sooner, please. We’re all holding on - hopefully you are too.


That “problem” should’ve been taken care of before you go into production.To me it sounds like yet more excuses for the shortcomings of your product.I got the phone and although I like the concept and the philosophy behind the phone I’m disappointed in the performance.Any cell at the cheaper end of the spectrum does better.I’m not gonna elaborate as I don’t see why and I’m not gonna invest time and energy on this,but lemme say this…I paid a hell of a lot of money +U.K import tax of more than 100 GBP for a phone which sits in a box in a cupboard and hasn’t been used in months.Sorry guys but that’s the truth…it’s worth perhaps 15-20% of your asking price and the way this is going it will be for sale online for around 150 Euro soon…You wanna be “niche”…or you wanna compete with the big boys?
“Niche” is cute but you’ll have to close shop…competing with the likes of Samsung and apple?
I don’t think so…as you can’t even seem to get distribution right…very disappointing!