To what extent is Carbon still alive?

Hi, newbie in here, got a Carbon 1 Mark II yesterday.

To what extent Is Carbon still alive?

I see the prices have plummeted to about €200, so fear that could be the last selling out…

The support link on their site seems dead: (yes I also tried with /de and without either)

It update twice with two minor updates ending on 2022-08-05 update (build …20220713) for Android 10. So some OTA service are still alive somewhere - as is this community.

I see mentioned in here that an update for Android 11 was available in November 2021, but seems to have been removed in and no longer has been offered OTA since January 2022.

So this raises a few questions:
Was it removed due the issues described in various threads?
Is there a list of pros and cons of latest Android 10 versus 11 version somewhere in here?
If I would prefer the Android 11 despite the known bugs, is it available for sideload somewhere?

(Yes yes I know that the advertised Android 12 version was cancelled -or postponed an indefinite period…- never mind that now, I’m just wondering if there are any life left?)

Unfortunately it seems that updates have been stopped and service for hardware too. I’ve got a damaged display for example so I was sending my phone to Ingram in Flensburg ( to have it fixed, but some days later I received it back without any repair.
I called Ingram and asked for the reason and about carbon in general.
They told me that carbon still exist, but no service can be provided for carbon smartphones any more and that the production of the phones in Flensburg also had to be stopped. I wrote a message about that to Firas, Jamie and Jascha, but nobody answered or at least read it yet.
You can only speculate what really is the status of carbon as the last info is from april:

Hopefully they’re still developing products, software or anything, but at the moment it looks bad.

So once again @firascarbonizer @jamie @jaschacarbonizer:

It’s a pity that there are services promised which can’t be complied any more.
Please give us at least an update what’s going on at carbon mobile, many users are really disappointed.

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Thanks, I thought as much - sad, that this bloody Covid19 are making it so hard to survive for so many small tech startups.

That’s right but it would be the least to keep customers up to date about further action.

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