CARBON: market price - trend/facts

Jan. 4th, 2022 in the www device is for sale at the joke price.

a-preise - carbon 0401-2022

CARBON thus loses its high-quality segment ambition. CARBON also loses its position of as being unique. It is a fiasco. If this is part of a marketing strategy to increase sales, then this is not only sad and disappointing, but absolutely the wrong way to go.

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WOW ! Gefühl von Ramsch kommt auf. Das Gewisse etwas, was in den Anfängen glänzte, verblasst schneller als erwartet… :bomb:

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So sieht es aus. Ein riesen Hype um nichts. Schade, es wurde viel versprochen. Zum Glück habe ich das “tolle” Telefon in dem Shop billiger kaufen können und musste keine 600 oder 700 Euro hinlegen. Das erste viel zu teuere habe gleich wieder zurück geschickt, als ich in dem Shop den wahrscheinlich wahren Preis für das Gerät entdeckte. Lieferung dauerte 2 Tage aus den Niederlanden.:+1:

Somewhere I had read something with Netherlands and price. It was yours.

Oh, oh, oh CARBON is in very big difficulties. This is absolutely contra-productive (and sets back everything). It’s been one success after another, production station in Germany. It runs perfect for a start-up.

I expect active action, including a very open statement about these prices, the current situation and where we are going.

These not the final low prices. :angry: :rage: :broken_heart:

Where can I get the phone at that price in the US? That’s a steal for the Carbon II.

This is a terrific phone with the best screen I’ve used on any smartphone.

Count yourself lucky if you can pick one up at those prices.

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To be honest, I don’t think carbon will last much longer. However, the prices on the Internet are not necessarily unusual. Every smartphone gives way massively in price after a while. Except for Apple, perhaps. But they have more money than Fort Knox.

As the former owner of the wonderful KAZAM Tornado 348, I am used to the fact that ingenious gadgets cannot prevail. The VW Golf, for example, is not the most popular car in Germany for nothing. In England it’s some shoddy Vauxhal, etc.

If Carbon should go down the drain, then hopefully I’ll have a few more beautiful years ahead of me with mine. And that works absolutely without any problems except for still slight bugs with the sensor when making calls. If necessary, I’ll buy a used copy so that I can replace the battery in my device.

Nevertheless, I wish Carbon and their idea the very best. And I would really appreciate it if a Mk III with the alleged 4,000 mAh appears. I would buy it. But not at the starting price. I think Carbon should make a good offer here to its old sponsors.

While the best selling car in the UK is a Vauxhall (owned by Peugeot - Citroen) I wouldn’t call it “shoddy”. And if it is an indicator of the poor taste of the British population, how do you explain that the next three are (nominally) German vehicles?

  • Vauxhall Corsa. Number of registrations 38,306.
  • Mercedes-Benz A Class. Number of registrations 29,510.
  • Volkswagen Polo. Number of registrations 29,478.
  • Volkswagen Golf.

The Polo for Europe is probably Spanish rather than German and the Opel - Vauxhall Corsa is also built in a Spanish plant.

Amazon is also advertised here in the Carbon Store as a purchase opportunity.
In the Carbon Store 599 euros?
There is something wrong ?

Hello All,
I would like to be honest with our community.

The prices you see in the retail are controlled by retailers and distributors, which we already sold to a while ago. They got stock and they want to clear it, even at a loss!. And this is indeed the worst way possible to clear it, it’s damaging our brand promise and product positioning.
Usually, price control between the brand and retail is made through mutual agreement, but not legally binding.
We have supported their channels before, to improve their sales. But it seems they lost patience and decided to drop the price to clear stock.
We were planning to buy back the stock left, but it’s taking time. As we are going through an investment round now that could help us maintain the brand, support the current Carbon 1 MK II and with the upcoming product portfolio.

Really sad to see this happening, but it’s out of our control.



I did have a thought recently Firas.

I love the carbon sustainability message however creating the devices from scratch is a challenge and of course a difficult market to break.

Have you considered a model that perhaps upcycles old Pixel devices. Pixel 3/4/5 for example, where you essential break for parts and create the outer-shell in the carbon, retaining the pixel software, camera and updates.

I’m not at all familiar with the legalities of something like this… Bulk purchase of previous gen devices can be affordable without all the R&D - Reskin the devices, needed new molds possibly new screens and resell as a “Carbon Fashion” brand.

You essentially use the carbon technology to “re-body” previous or current gen devices. Not only limited to mobile devices of course. Looking forward to the first carbon Mac Book Pro.

It was a fleeting idea late at night, now i’ve written it, I’m not sure it makes for a viable business - I just know there are a lot of businesses doing things similar, for example Caviar etc.

I only want 10% :wink:


Hello @darrenmillar
This is really good idea… we have discussed that internally, a business model like Caviar won’t fit us. Becuase composites are complicated to just re-skin.
We are actually working on a licensing with some of biggest brands, but that requires extra resources of engineering and manufacturing, which is some we are planning for after the closing the investment round.
This indeed would be very exciting ride.

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Hopefully, it was a one-time situation with a learning effect.
However, if something like this happens again, let the community know immediately!

Making progress on the market, bringing CARBON more and more into the market and generating sales is one side - easy believing and naivety is another. Market observations and market control are also part of marketing. A sales department also has to keep an eye on its channels!

My heart loves this product, support, work, development and of couse the philosopfy, which stands behind.


Prices are crashing in this segment for a variety of reasons. You’ve called a few of them. I still see room for improvement in pricing. However, a lot would still have to happen.
Because of product recyclability for me CARBON has another future-proof product point that will speak to many people - in the near future - with the right communication (promotion).

In addition, there is a CARBON-TEAM, which is full of ideas, open and very joyful in development and experimentation. I see the CARBON-TEAM in a good position for the future with many innovative opportunities as long as it is in harmony with the CARBON philosophy

Good idea, here the management could be active again and create additional motivations. Is already planned: You can someday return your old one and get a new improved phone at a lower price.

Now I own an active dream - it is one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry from the very first I saw it. As long as it is possible, I enjoy it. Who knows, maybe one day we will find the CARBON in a history or technology museum. Several times I had flirted with the idea of joining.

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:relieved:Men: cars and and a spirit of selfishness- how sweet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I prefer to drive TVR or Mercedes AMG.

Even if we`re not of the same sex. But our intention to buy the Carbon was the nearly the same. :wink:

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Yeah,this is rather disapointing.I paid a hell of a lot of money for this phone.All I"m gonna say here is it certainly ain’t worth the 500 plus Pound I paid.I was very happy with it the first couple of days but started to notice little things which made me go off it rather quickly,specially if compared to a comparatively cheap Chinese made cell phone I also own.

I don’t feel duped or anything but still I somehow can’t follow all the hype this phone got.
And hearing I could have purchased it for half the price only four months after I ordered it directly from the factory in Berlin pisses me off.
I don’t think Carbon Mobile can survive this radical change of direction in pricing policy.
This is a really bad move.
One could ask the question how much is it really worth if they sell it for dumping prices after such a short time on the market…even if Carbon does not control the retailers.
Nevertheless…it’s a bad move and I’m fucking angry about it.

This isn’t fair to the Carbon founders either. They’re upset at the retailers as well.

I’m happy to have paid full price for my Carbon and would do so again because I feel it’s worth every penny.


Then have the courage to say something worthy of improvement.
Much has been created in the past 3/4 year.