CARBON: market price - trend/facts

First of all,cut the price…at least in half.Then improve the internet reception…because it’s atrociously bad.There’s certainly improvements to be made in the operating system department.
A “Carbon” approach wouldn’t hurt.The display could also be improved.
I’m looking at this from a customer point of view.
I don’t like apple/iphone products although my main phone is in fact an iphone.
I think it’s outrageously expensive but as of yet I didn’t come across another cell phone coming close to the quality of an iphone…that’s basically what I meant when I critisized the price of the Carbon phone.
And that regardless of who the seller is.I ordered mine directly from the factory in Germany.And paid the price…in full.
Perhaps you should’ve waited with going on the market with your product…

Well, the market offensive was perhaps a bit too early. Perfect timing - does that even exist? Especially in these times! And with which manufacturer I can actively express my wishes for improvements as here?
Please don’t mix up a start-up with a mega-company which can get in everywhere.

Perhaps other targets such as TV shopping channels should be used in the future, since the price control would be there and these channels would exist worldwide.

I’m sorry about your bad internet condition and that Carbon is the cause. Personally, never problems - not even after changing providers.

Like I said I look at this as a customer,a customer who doesn’t have specialized knowledge about this type of electronic device and frankly doesn’t care about start up or multinational.When I pay a lot of money for a product I expect it to work properly…that’s what I’m interested in.
I like the concept.I like the presentation,and I like the environmental engagement of the company.
I used to travel a lot for work mostly using the cell on other networks outside the U.K and was always looking for a cell with which I can make and receive stable calls.That was obviously before the covid shit hit the fan…British mobile networks,at least within London,are in comparison amongst the worst of any country I used to live in (Spain,Morocco,Netherlands,France,Thailand) and travel to for gigs on a more or less regular basis (U.S.A,Switzerland,Russia,Montenegro,Dubai).
Perhaps the reason for call dropping has also to do with dodgy networks?
I’m not saying it’s a bad phone.
What I’m saying is carbon should’ve waited longer and tested more before getting it out on an unforgiving market full of opinionated pendejo’s like me.
I do understand that it’s hard to compete with the likes of Samsung and iphone.They have massive organizations behind them and even they fuck up big time.
I mean look at the iphone…an outrageously over priced product and on top of that there ain’t any noticeable change from one model to another.
They know how to lure customers into buying a new model every year.Although I think it’s pointless to get a new phone every year because they slowly “evolve” and there’s no significant improvement…except for the fact that specially in the case of the iphone it’s more expensive than the model from the year before.
They got one thing right though.
And that’s in my opinion,the sound.And once connected to the internet it’s stable.It’s rare a call drops and when it does I don’t even get reception on any other of my phones.
That doesn’t warrant the price but it’s simply an advantage.
I own a “Lumigon” (Went outta business years ago),they also use B&O speakers in their phones to the same effect.Excellent audio quality.
Another reason for me buying a carbon is that I want to support an innovative,young company with people who stand for something and have a different approach.
A company based in Europe.
My motive for purchasing a carbon is clearly not only the phone in itself.
“Aller anfang ist schwer” I think is a German expression…absolutely…


Respect, for your very open statement.

For my small hands, the lightweight + size is perfect to whirl around as I saw it and still black (well grey) - love at first view - unbelievable German - super interesting - away from the Asians! But it wasn’t available at that time. I think 1 ½ year later it starts – first: news communication and sharing progress, it was worth keeping up…

Also depends on the self-assessment and needs of the individual – I think.

I expect a lot of improvements and in the way of a product-/sales presentation so that CARBON becomes marketable again with the new model. Best wishes to the CARBON team for the new journey.

I have already used the device several times for business/private trips around the world (toi, toi, toi - without any problems). It’s probably the same for almost everyone - we “customers” don’t have expert status with this object.

By the way: yes, that’s the saying “All beginnings are difficult”.

Sorry for those who have to travel to earn money.