Carbon 1 MK II Packaging: With or without Power Adapter (Sustainability Aspect)

Hi everyone

We are currently in the process of finalizing the revamped packaging for the Carbon 1 MK II. Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of the design of our packaging. We have recently been challenged by the Design Team to re-evaluate whether including an adapter/ plug is truly necessary.

The belief is that customers now have so many adapters they are not needed and that to deliver them as standard is wasteful both economically and environmentally. It is also now becoming more common that companies do not include a charger in their packaging.

We thought we’d put the question to you.

Do you think Carbon Mobile should include an adapter with the Carbon 1 MK II?

  • Yes - As standard
  • No - Optional extra (free)
  • No - Optional extra (paid for)
  • Don’t care

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Please be assured that if you have ordered a device already, you will receive an adapter free of charge. This is a question about how we move forward and whether customer attitudes have changed.

Thanks all, looking forward to the response

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Double edged sword this one. if you make the effort to go the economically and environmentally route you will undoubtedly get someone who buys and doesn’t realise. It’s a pinch point for many the charging brick when they do the unboxing.

However at checkout if you made a song and dance about it, people might actually think twice about the real need for one.

Having it as a free optional add-on would be the only way to make it viable to not have it in the box as standard.

It’s on me then if i say no thanks and then have to buy one in the future because my current one is broken.


Furthermore, maybe we need to think about how we actually change customer attitudes ourselves? others may lead by example?

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I agree with getting charging adapters as an optional opportunity, if people really need it. Less waste will be created. Maybe there should be a suggestion for how many ampere & volt are suitable for Carbon MK II to avoid any damage in case if someone wants to use an old adapter.


Yes, it’s a big discussion at the moment.
We are obviously conscious of what we have communicated will be included in the box up to this point and we will ensure that’s honoured.

The question looking forward is what is the feeling out there right now and what work do we have to do.

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As I have had dozens of mobile devices over the years, I have dozens of chargers. Most (but not all) with the correct for me UK plug. As I’ve bought a number from various countries, I have a few with non UK and non European plugs too, handy for travelling!

Here at home I have a five outlet charger which my Wife and I use to charge our various devices such as our 'phones, tablets, cycle lights and so on.

So I’m definitely in the “I don’t need one” group.

I would like to see it as a no cost or minimal cost option. Not included as standard, but offered, as @darrenmillar suggests, as an option at checkout with the ecological message clearly displayed to explain why one isn’t normally included. Customers might feel happier declining it if they understand that not having one is better for the environment.

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Such connections are constantly changing. If you don’t always follow the latest one, you might have an aux socket and micro USB. In my new car there is no USB-A anymore, but C. I noticed this just on vacation and bought a new cable for charging. With the charger cable/power supply combinations the quick charge function sometimes only works with original parts. So it has definitely some problems. What I once saw with a washing powder was that each package came with a voucher for a dosage cup; of course with the remark that it serves the sustainability to redeem it only when needed. I think that might be a good way to do it.

Solche Anschlüsse sind halt im Wandel. Wer nicht immer dem neuesten hinterherläuft hat vielleicht noch einen eine Aux Buchse und micro USB. In meinem neuen Auto ist jetzt auch kein USB-A mehr, sondern C. Hab ich erst im Urlaub bemerkt und mir zum Laden ein neues Kabel gekauft. Bei den Ladekabel/Netzteil Kombinationen geht zuweilen die Schnellladefunktion nur mit Originalteilen. Es hat also durchaus Tücke. Was ich mal bei einem Waschpulver gesehen habe war, es lag jeder Packung ein Gutschein für einen Dosierbecher bei; natürlich mit dem Hinweis, dass es der Nachhaltigkeit dient ihn nur bei Bedarf einzulösen. Ich denke das wäre möglicher Weise ein guter Weg es machen.

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I think, it’s not necessary to get an adapter with the Carbon.

I’m also not really sure of my opinion. My initial thought is that indeed I have many chargers but none of them fits the mobile brand I have.
My technical thought is that I’m never sure it also fits the power needed by my phone to protect the battery life.
I have also voted it to be free (since I had choice :wink: ) but it’s not unfair to pay for it.



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Usually a foreign power supply is no problem, because the USB interface is standardized. The situation is different with fast charging, which will usually not work with a foreign power supply, even if it has the power. But with normal speed it will work even then.

This is a tricky one… I’ll need to think over before I vote… not that it’s gona make a lot of difference…

  1. Ethically it should be a yes: As Standard, keeping all aspects into consideration since target is global market. most important being power rating. Also it completes the package. All of it only if it’s economically viable. I don’t know what’s in the package
  2. Considering Environmental… very thoughtful. it’s Optional (Free)
  3. Knowing human mentality(mostly), Since it’s free might as well have it… if you want to avoid that one person and get serious about environment it’s optional (paid). Now since its paid it should be region and country specific.

What would I do if I was ordering?
will go for adapter even if I have to pay for it.
Since I don’t have one, mostly gets charged in car… else lappy.
and also would definitely not want to take chances with something like a CARBON:)

I agree with Thom here: can you guarantee that not the wrong charger will be used? Does the device have a protection against too high a voltage etc.?
If so, then I would suggest to not include a charger BUT offer a wireless charging device, with special Carbonizer design… as an extra.

Twenty-three participants in your survey I find alarmingly few. I would say there is a lot to do for a comms director.

I don’t know how but maybe this voting can be notified directly on the home screen of the carbonizer page or also on the main page of carbon mobile, so everyone can see and doesn‘t have to search for it.

Gute Idee, aber ich denke so einfach ist es nicht. Die Umfrage ist nur ein Indikator für das Interesse, was derm Forum hier innewohnt. Und da ist einfach wenig, zu wenig für meinen Geschmack. Und wenn es jemanden gibt, der genau dafür zuständig ist und den gibt es, nämlich @jamie, dann erwarte ich, dass der seinen Job macht.

Some manufacturers offer tools (screwdriver) for repairing the phone. Will that also be available for carbon or products in the future? For easier things to fix ourselves or just to have a look inside the phone out of curiosity a quick repair instruction may also be something to consider to make sure we won‘t damage anything unintentionally.

I would agree with the washing powder idea.

We are planning to have replacement kits for screen and battery actually.
Providing the equipment you need to replace these components.
We didn’t prioritize that yet, we should have the kits ready by the time we have first mass production.

Not all the founders registered on this community website actually.
We will try and communicate with more people later.
The main focus for us in this community is the founders who are active here. Then we will ask Carbonizer customers and the big waiting list to join here.
that’s after we ship founder edition.

Good point,
A standard USB-C PD 3.0 charger would work.