A 'Green Carbon' Smartphone?


Smartphones aren’t environmentally friendly. That’s an unfortunate fact.

Right now, sustainability is not high up on the agenda for the global tech giants.
The UN states that there is 50m tonnes of e-waste generated globally every year. 80% of which isn’t recycled.

The tech industry needs to find new sources of materials beyond plastics and metals to create the sustainable tech of tomorrow.


When we designed the Carbon 1 MK II, we imagined what a sustainable smartphone in the year 2030 would be built from. Our research took us to the amazing work of scientists in Europe using green sources to make CO2 neutral carbon fiber.

Imagine that your mobile was made from a material that didn’t have a negative impact on the planet.

A research team at the Technical University of Munich have developed a revolutionary new material they call ‘Green Carbon.’ Their new process creates identical carbon fibers that you can see in the Carbon 1 by creating them through algae oil.

You can read more here

This technology is incredibly exciting. It shows the future of carbon fiber and how it can truly replace plastic and metals as the main material for the casings of our tech.

Right now, the tech world needs someone to make a carbon fiber phone commercially viable for the industry to wake up. That’s where we come in.


I would not like it when some day everyone has a smartphone made of carbon. I also would not like everyone to drive an AMG.

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that’s a good point @Groundtorpedo
I like the exclusive idea of Carbon.
But also, we are pushing for a world where we can push other brands to use sustainable materials.
However, CarbonMobile will always be working on cool products and materials that no other brand has!

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Perhaps you can evolve to something like Rimac in Croatia. He builds the fastest electrosupercar. Porsche holds slightly over 15% of their stocks.

What about the delivery of our Carbons, just by the way?

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Good one, I will look more into Rimac, I crossed this company few years ago.

On delivery, there will be a update this coming week.
Follow this post:

Hm, I hope there will be finally good news for us Carbonizers.
Due our experiences about delayed and again delayed delivery I guess we will not get good news about delivery this month…
So just surprise me with delivery next week or the week after next week.

Hello @Stephan
We are really working around the clock to solve problems and move fast.
Yes, it probably won’t happen this month, we didn’t plan for delays this year, COVID-19 situation almost put the company down to the ground. We are on our feet again, but we need time to solve problems.

I want to assure you that all these delays in the past will be compensated in the future for the core founder community.

We will be sharing an update this week about delivery.

Sad Firas, very sad
We heard so many times about delays and about Covid and about mistakes…
I feel sad about not fullfilt promises you’ve made

I am really sorry to share that Stephan,
I can’t blame it all on COVID, but definitely it impacted us so much.
We hard a clear plan early this year on delivery and things were going well.
Believe me, we are doing everything we can to deliver to you and other Carbonizers the Founder Edition ASAP.

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Dear Mr. Khalifeh, I’ve read some articles about your phone & a lot of negative comments, especially regarding the environmental aspect. Maybe it would help if this interesting report about alge-based carbon or other articles you might have would be posted on the main website of carbon mobile (delivering greener tech), because I think a lot of people are very skeptical about the eco-friendliness of carbon fibre itself & could guess it’s some kind of greenwashing. But after reading about the research on universities it could be easier to convince them & to imagine the vision of you, your company & the progress of developing this special material. (maybe also about the prototype-phone you mentioned on february in berlin)

Hi Thom, I’ll take this one.

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of advanced, sustainable materials in personal electronics.

Right now, we are betting on carbon fiber as the durable and sustainable material that will drive the future of tech. Our role is to go where others won’t and validate its application in electronics and invest in research to make it more economically and environmentally viable. The wider industry is happy with the status quo, to continue to use plastics, glass, and metals and largely ignore their environmental impact.

We are in a similar position today that electric cars were in when Elon Musk became their champion. To compare an electric car with a petrol car 10 years ago, lifetime CO2 impact was questionable due to the high energy required in production. In 2020, due to the advances in technology, electric cars are the unrivaled green option. To take that leap and be driven by that vision was important and that’s where we are now.

We have videos in the works that will fully explain our sustainable credentials and showcase the vision for tomorrow. This will be shown in advertising and also feature within the sustainability pages of our site.

Regarding the prototype, we are very excited about the potential of the project. It is a little like ‘Lab-Grown Meat’ technology at the moment though. For example, early prototypes are incredibly expensive and a true market-ready version will take time. In 2013, a lab-grown burger was €250k, today they are €100 and in 2021 they expect to go into retail at €10.

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Thanks for your reply. Informing & convincing with videos sounds good . I didn‘t want to criticize too much, it‘s just what I read when making a decision for my next device & before joining the community.

:blush: This coulor looks powerful and this green is also my style.
Here you could act seasonally or with special availability or offer them as collector’s items - cool ideas.