Wider Technology Adoption

The best bet for Carbon to become a global brand is probably to license the technology to larger companies like Samsung or Lenovo (which owns Motorola).

I would love to use a Carbon Samsung phone that’s light, supports the latest and greatest cameras, and runs Samsung’s software suite.

Here’s how I hope that plays out:
2021 - Carbon 1 Mark II is delivered and grows viral when a tech YouTube influencer reviews it.
2022 - Carbon 1 Mark III further improves and scales production. A deal with a large phone manufacturer is signed.
2023 - Galaxy w/ Carbon :smiley:

The more successful Carbon becomes, the higher the likelihood we continue to get light and thin smartphones!

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hello @rayliverified
I couldn’t agree more.
We are actually in contact with 2 of the major brands for 2 years, to license our technology.
We wanted to be the Tesla of personal electronics. By being the first to deliver composites to the consumer-electronics industry, then open it up to others.
Solving technical problems (HyRECM technology) scaling production (we went from 3 hours to 3 minutes per Carbon body over the last 2 years!), and of course, the price should drop to be competitive in term of the economy of scale to be competitive to plastic/metal ( impossible at the moment).
Also, wait for us for what’s coming in 2022 :wink: the sky is the limit.
Carbon 1 MK II is our roadster version.


Amazing to hear Firas! You and the team are true visionaries.

The roadster comparison is apt. I hope a future Carbon can claim the title of the world’s first super phone.