Why buy the Carbon 1 Mk II?

Hi Folks,

this morning my Xperia X compact failed to work. I loved it because of its small form factor. However, with rhe prolongation of my 20 EUR per month flatrate-contract i got the Huawei P30 Lite for 29 EUR one-time-payment. It is an awesome device.

Huawei: 152,9 mm x 72,7 mm x 7,4 mm - 6,15" Display
Carbon: 153.5 mm x 74,0 mm x 6,3 mm - 6,00" Display

Carbon looses.

The Huawei has a triple camera with giant 48 MP. It is in every way technically the better device.

But, it is not a Carbon!

I had many cars in my life, including the TVR Griffth 430. Actually i drive a C63 AMG W204 station wagon. It was optimized up to 520 HP but has no AMG badges at all. I love the car and even if it has 135.000 km right now, iĀ“ll drive it as long as it lasts. The sound is awesome and 520 HP are by far enough power, even if the new BMW and Audi have more than 600 HP. I could afford them, but they have turbos and - more important - i donĀ“t like their design. I also donĀ“t like the design of the W205 C63.

I had some Alfa Romeos. They were all very pretty, but technical garbage. But i love beautiful things and am willling to spend money for them. We all live only once and life ist to short to drive ugly and/or boring cars. Life is also to short to spend time with boring people. And it is especially to short to waste time with average women.

I never had an i(diotic)Phone. Smartphones are not a symbol of status for me. My cars were also never a status symbol, otherwise i would have driven Ferraris or Lambos.

Why should someone buy the Carbon 1 MK II, when he can get a better device for less than 200 EUR? And the answer is very simple. The Huawei is the device everybody has. The qualitiy of build is great, but It is simply average. There is nothing special with it. It is Chinese mass production. It works perfect, but would you ever buy a Chinese car? I would not even buy a Japanese car, even if the Nissan GTR is a technical monster. But it looks like ā€¦, i donĀ“t know. I simply donĀ“t like it.

It is like buying shoes or suits. Handmade things have their own charme. And iĀ“m happy that i can afford the Carbon, even if nobody will ever ask me about it. It is no status symbol like these i(diotic)Phones. It is the perhaps rarest opportunity to get something truely precious. And since i donĀ“t wear watches for more than 20 years now, it makes much more sense to me to own the Carbon 1 than f.e. an IWC fĆ¼r 15.000 EUR. Beside the fact, that the IWC in comparison to the Carbon 1 is a pretty useless status symbol.


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Ok, i donĀ“t know how this thing here really works. Replies and so on.

But now i have tested the Huawei P30 light for two days. It is damn fast and the pictures it takes are great. But i am mostly impressed by the fingerprint sensor. And that is in my opionion a key feature for a modern smartphone.

Both, the P30 Lite and the Carbon, have 128 GB with an 512 GB SD Option. This is more memory to save most human beings lives on. I guess that lots of people carry their complete music, photos, movies a.s.o. on such extremely powerful devices. But do they frequently backup their data?

Two years ago i lost two smartphones on my little island in Croatia. The first one - a KAZAM Tornado 348 - on the evening of the WM final. Fortunately its battery was empty, so that the SIM-card was useless (i donĀ“t use locking). Some days later i lost my backup (with a Croatian SIM-card and no personal data) and urgently had to go back to Germany, because there i had an old SIM-card with a well known number many of my customers still had.

However. I made that experience and i never used an unlock PIN. I am simply to lazy. I tried a fingerprint sensor with the xperia z5 compact. I did not work. The sensor of the X compact worked often. The one of the P30 Lite works perfect, even with wet fingers. (The Sony did not)

I hope the Carbon will do as well. Some Years ago i did not use Google Drive or One Drive. Today i have moreorless any access to my personal data on my smartphone.

A PIN can be cracked. A fingerprint not, except in Bond-Movies.
A good working fingerprint-sensor should be a ā€œmust haveā€ for the Carbon.

Not for the MK II. I guess that none of the Carbonizers expects a perfect Phone. But when talking about high standards, i have to say, that the P30 Lite is an extremely good phone. So it should be the minimal benchmark for future Carbons.



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Hey GT!
Sorry for the late reply here.

I think you have really highlighted about what is special about the Carbon 1 MK II.
This phone is not for everybody, it is the worldā€™s first carbon fiber smartphone and thatā€™s what makes it unique. Right now, we have created something revolutionary - we are bringing carbon fiber to smartphone manufacture.

When we tell people in the mass market it is made of carbon fiber - they say ā€˜so what?ā€™ - honestly, in my role in communications when they ask that, we instantly know we are not for them.

Our role is to innovate where others donā€™t dare and show that carbon fiber is the future of smartphones. It needs people like you and the rest of the carbonizers to see the potential and be first.

Today, we are working on bringing you guys the best looking, incredible performing carbon fiber phone possible.

I honestly canā€™t wait for you to experience it - when you have your Carbon 1 and someone else puts it in their hand and feels how light it is, they will see the difference.

Finally, the Community is still in Beta. We are opening this up to more people very soon so I think this is a good conversation starter :slight_smile:

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Nice Question Jamie:) why Not?
@Groundtorpedo Agreed this phone is no comparison with any Chinese make phoneā€¦ neither it is worth comparing with other overpriced phoneā€¦ This is not just uniqueā€¦ itā€™s sensible unique. To start with its patented technology and one of its kind monocoque Carbonfibre chassisā€¦ where u have no other manufacturer who can provide you with this.

Comparing this with a Carā€¦ Chassis is as important as Powertrainā€¦ We can buy a normal street car or a performance version of it with more power better handling and better brakingā€¦ Than comes the race versionā€¦ very few made for very few ppl which are not Street legalā€¦ they are made from scratch everything gone behind them is different and only made for that car. What I feel that is this phone is close to a RACE CAR. only if it had its own OSā€¦ Hope CARBON has one soon.
Like in F1 we have completely independent and indigenous teams who have their own powertrain own Chassis Own everything. and next we have teams who have their Own Chassis own everything but no powertrain where they land up borrowing from other assigned manufacturer.
But here we have no comparison or Competitionā€¦ There is no one in this leagueā€¦:slight_smile:

I would not compare it with an F1 car. I would not even compare it to my own cars.

In my opinion it is simply a nice gadget. What is the price of the 64 GB iphone right now? Huawei launched the first Terabyte -Phone.

And i am sitting on my little Island called Mali Losinj and asking myself what to do with one Terabyte of Data.

Or will Data once become Terrorbyte?

The Carbon ist just ā€œthe Thingā€ you want to have. And that is it.
But in no comparison it is and will ever be better than a piece of mass production.

Hello GT
Absolutelyā€¦ phones are no comparison to cars I feelā€¦ but I was only trying to give an explanation from my pointā€¦ and more over since I come from automotive industry itā€™s easier for meā€¦
Hahaā€¦ what u gona do with 1TB of phone memoryā€¦ that is what I ment by sensible uniqueā€¦
looking at performance ASUS has some really powerful gaming phonesā€¦ but again itā€™s application in gamingā€¦ no comparisonā€¦
Conclude: totally agree with you CARBON is CARBON by it self and just the thing you want to ownā€¦
Letā€™s not get to I phonesā€¦ never used one so I donā€™t really understand themā€¦
N I like fact u once owned a russian beauty TVRā€¦ are they still in productionā€¦?

I owned two TVR. A 280 S1 and a Griffith 430. Both were constructed and made unter Peter Wheelers regime. Unfortunately he sold TVR to this russian idiot, who crashed the company. There was no single TVR ever constructed under his regime. Wheeler left him even the Sagaris, which is a phenomenon of a sportscar. But Smolensky was not even able to sell the cars in Russia. I guess he has/had not enough good friends to sell perhaps about 1.000 cars worldwide amongst them.

The new TVR Griffith looks like japanese garbage.

That wonĀ“t sell outside the UK.

Aa! I cā€¦ it is originally a British makeā€¦ and like most other British auto manufacturers lost its battle some placeā€¦ but this one never made it butā€¦ but had a charm to itā€¦ may b it should get onto right handsā€¦ but all said. . depends on d managementā€¦ Like JLR groupā€¦ itā€™s doing good coz of good blend between management and financeā€¦
Totally agree new model looks crapā€¦
But they seem to have manufactured very few carsā€¦ but a lot variation on modelsā€¦ that explains a lotā€¦ and donā€™t seem to be mass producedā€¦
since u had hands on experienceā€¦ whatā€™s ur experience like?

The TVR 280 S1 (First Series) was kind of build in a shed. But nicely to drive with an extremely good sound even hearable for the driver. The Griffith 430 was more brutal with 120 HP more but nearly the same weight. The interiour was full leathered and very nice. A luxury car, hence the S1 was a antecessor of the TR6. To be true, the small TVR 280 S1 made more fun. But it was not even as attracive as the Griffith. When i bought the S1 the first Porsche Boxter came out. I better bought the TVR. When i had to decide between the Porsche 993 i also bought the TVR.

Perhaps iĀ“m just an Individualistā€¦