What Do You Think? Tell Us

This is a new Carbonizer Community, we’re currently very much in the Beta phase.
We need your help!
Tell us what you want to see more of here and we’ll make it so.
Thanks all

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Would like to see more information about the product so I can forward on links and clips.

At first it was difficult to find any information about the phone so if possible add more content to your social profiles.

Hopefully there will be some reviews in English (and other languages) so the phone will appeal to a wider audience.

Hi Mo! Great to make contact here.
We have some good content in the pipeline, coming in the next month.
We’ll share it with you as soon as we have.
And yes, we’re working on the English reviews also. Everything will ramp up in the next 4-5 weeks, you will definitely have a role to play.

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Sounds good so can’t wait!

Good evening, is there a possibility to sign off from this page ?

you want to sign off from the community or this page?
if you want for this page specifically then you can click on this button.

And chose the option you want (that can apply to categories and posts.

Hope that helps.

Dear Mr. Khalifeh, i just meant to sign off from the page. Thanks for your help. In the meantime i searched & found the right way to log off. I have chosen my profile, selected preferences & on the bottom i can ‚log out all´. I was expecting this function in the menue on the right corner on the top.

@jamie Wenn ich Dich richtig verstehe, wünschst Du Dir mehr traffic im Forum. Dass das nicht so ist liegt aber nicht an den Möglichkeiten hier, es ist eigentlich Alles da: ZItate, Links, Bilder, Listen, Umfragen, u.v.m. nichts steht einer fruchtbaren Diskussion im Wege. Das Problem ist, ohne Input von Euch ist jeder Faden reine Spekulation. Das ist auch immermal ganz nett, aber nicht geeignet ein lebendiges Forum zu schaffen. Ich habe z.B. das Thema “Die Camera trägt auf” begonnen, es ist ein bisschen gelaufen, aber von Euch kam nichts, also ist es dann wieder gestorben. Das wird hoffentlich besser, wenn wir die Geräte erst in der Hand halten und testen, aber bis dahin gilt ohne mehr Input von Euch wird es nicht mehr Output von uns werden können.

If I understand you correctly, you want more traffic in the forum. That this is not so, is not because of the possibilities here, it is actually all there: Quotes, links, pictures, lists, polls, and much more. Nothing stands in the way of a productive discussion. The problem is, without input from you every thread is pure speculation. This is sometimes very nice, but not suitable to create a lively forum. For example, I started the topic “Die Camera trägt auf”, it was a little bit running, but nothing came from you, so it died again. Hopefully this will get better when we get the devices in our hands and test them, but until then, without more input from you, it won’t be possible to become more output from us.

Suggestion: Maybe all the posted videos & pictures regarding the technical progress of Carbon Mark 1 II can be summarized on the main page of carbon mobile (like milestones) to have a quick review, especially for new people who are interested in it but also sceptical about this phone because of reading negative posts about the company & this project on other websites. Probably also on the carbonizer page with a menue item for example on the main screen or right corner.

Hi Thom

Thanks for your feedback here and all great comments and are inline with what we have coming soon.

Let’s be frank - The Carbon 1 MK II definitely has its critics. These critics will be difficult to answer until we get the device out there - in the hands of our Founders, Tech Influencers and of course in stores across Europe so people can see for themselves. Next month we will be in the perfect place to get this done and there is lots happening behind the scenes to get this done right now.

I like your idea for a timeline. This is something we have explored before and I will share with the team and see if we can look at it again and include.

We are working on a lot of marketing content right now hat will better sell the product, showcase our brand and position carbon fiber as the sustainable resource of the future. We expect these to be ready later this month.

Hi Achim

Thanks for this. As always I am in complete agreement with your feedback.

The community right now is still in Beta mode. This means that we have not communicated to the much wider mailing list of Carbon Mobile or made big efforts to advertise it to grow it further. There is a sequence of events for the community growth that are intrinsically linked with the release of the device. As this has been delayed, so too has the community.

With Covid causing a recruitment challenge, the community management resource is not what it should be by now. The team of Directors met yesterday and made a commitment this week to improve monitoring and nurturing conversation.

Further resources are coming soon to help better serve the Community and especially the Founders where constant communication is so vital to success.

Thanks for raising that particular topic regarding the camera, I have shared with Firas as he will come back with the answers on that one and re-ignite the conversation there.

Finally, thank you for being so vocal and helping shape the great conversation.
Your feedback continues to be incredibly important. The Community is evolving, it’s not where you or I want it to be yet but we are improving. With the device launch on the horizon, this will become a very vibrant space with more input from Carbonizers and additional Carbon team members.

Hallo Achim

Vielen Dank dafür. Wie immer bin ich mit eurem Feedback völlig einverstanden.

Die Community befindet sich im Moment noch im Beta-Modus. Das bedeutet, dass wir weder mit der viel breiteren Mailingliste von Carbon Mobile kommuniziert haben, noch große Anstrengungen unternommen haben, sie zu bewerben, um sie weiter wachsen zu lassen. Es gibt eine Reihe von Ereignissen für das Wachstum der Community, die untrennbar mit der Veröffentlichung des Geräts verbunden sind. So wie sich dies verzögert hat, so hat sich auch die Community verzögert.

Da Covid eine Rekrutierungsherausforderung verursacht hat, ist die Community-Management-Ressource nicht mehr das, was sie jetzt sein sollte. Das Team der Direktoren traf sich gestern und verpflichtete sich diese Woche, die Überwachung und die Pflege der Gespräche zu verbessern.

Weitere Ressourcen werden bald kommen, um der Gemeinschaft und besonders den Gründern, wo ständige Kommunikation so wichtig für den Erfolg ist, besser dienen zu können.

Danke, dass du dieses spezielle Thema in Bezug auf die Kamera angesprochen hast, das ich mit Firas geteilt habe, denn er wird mit den Antworten darauf zurückkommen und das Gespräch dort neu entfachen.

Abschließend danke ich euch, dass ihr so lautstark wart und geholfen habt, das großartige Gespräch mitzugestalten.
Euer Feedback ist weiterhin unglaublich wichtig. Die Community entwickelt sich, sie ist noch nicht da, wo du oder ich sie haben wollen, aber wir verbessern uns. Mit dem Geräte-Start am Horizont wird dies ein sehr lebendiger Raum mit mehr Input von Carbonizern und zusätzlichen Mitgliedern des Carbon-Teams werden.

Übersetzt mit DEEPL


Good luck for those next steps

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Love the phone can not wait for service!! Has anything happened with Sprint (America)?

Also curious if we can manually adjust the color on the back? Love the red!


kleine delle - 2103-2021- 2803-2021

Shock - pleasure sinks

This incident happened to me on the last Sunday afternoon. On the underside (= charging connection) of the CARBON left and right splinters.

My CARBON is one of my top pieces of jewelry - super safe, well protected in a padded feather case, not dropped, special treatment and care at home, too etc. Now I ask myself, how can it be?

I often come home very late in the evening (night blind), therefore not registered. I am not familiar with CARBON - detection of material defects (brittle or cracked) would have been impossible to detect with the joy of unpacking.

I am very sorry to see that :frowning:
Actually, what broke there is the coating system from the outside.
The core mechanical materials are still in place.
We will try to think of a solution to help self fix this issue in the future.

Hello Silas,
We will bring color control in April/May for the Carbon Logo LED.

Regarding service, I will ask the other US Carbonizers also.

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That would be great. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So I just got off the phone with Sprint. They’re saying,“we can’t connect your phone to our network because the phone isn’t made in America. And therefore someone representing Carbon Mobile needs to contact Sprint’s corporate office for compliance.”

Hope this helps you and my other Carbonized fellows out?!


Let’s discuss about this internally ASAP.
Not sure we can approach Sprint to help fix this.

Really sorry for the experience, I know it’s very frustrating!

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Hello everyone!!

I have an update on American service.

AT&T is happy to use the CarbonMobile phones on their service!! Wahoo! It only took me 5 days and 12 hrs on hold, hung up on 5 times and lied to about American phones by Sprint/Tmobile. When I finally called AT&T and spent a total of 1hr on the phone and next day delivery of a SIM card, and I’m good to go!!! Very happy with the phone and calling!!! Yay!!! Happy to answer any and all questions!!!