What carbon products do you use in your daily life?

I have been a fan of carbon fibre for years.

I modified my old mx5 and swapped almost every removable panel for carbon. I had it dyed blue… It was lovely.

Recently I’m using Lenovo X1 Carbon laptops and continue to use different carbon products for photography and other household uses.

Interested to hear about anything you use in your life?



I have headphones with carbon parts.

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Nice, good for some light entertainment. :joy:

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Ich habe bei mir Zuhause einiges an Carbon Einzelstücken :grin: bzw GFK Carbon Hybriden…

Küchenverkleidung, Schreibtischunterlage, Untersetzer, Flaschenöffner, ein Ring…und noch mehr :sweat_smile:

Ich liebe dieses Material

A true enthusiast! Sounds great!

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I have a black violin bow made out of carbon fiber.

The quality of the sound is amazing and also it is lighter than comparabal wooden bows.


Wow that looks awesome!