There were thoughts about a carbon fibre Smartwatch?

I know it’s to early, but I think a carbon fibre smartwatch is awesome. Low weight and thin :-).
There were any thoughts on a smartwatch?


Hello @Irrlicht
We were about to kick off a Carbon smartwatch end of 2019, we realized that in order to get really a good quality (up to Apple or Samsung) we would need to invest a lot, and we can’t just have a glitchy watch.
You can help us a little here, what is your preferences for a smartwatch? Thin and light indeed!
What is the price range that is acceptable for you?
What is must have and good to have for a smart watch?


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For me, a “smartwatch” needs to tell the time. That’s my primary reason for wearing a watch. After telling the time all I need is enough “smarts” to alert me to incoming calls/messages/emails, nothing more. I can read/reply to those messages on my 'phone. But it would be great to be notified of them through my watch.

I’ve had a dozen or so watches that claim to be able to do this, but not one did. I bought a beautiful model, a Nevo Balade. Lovely looking watch. Never got it to connect to any of my 'phones at the time so had to return it. Fossil Watch? Kept losing sync with the 'phone constantly. Cheap Chinese ones did at least connect but often failed at the first requirement of actually telling the time!


The most important thing - what functionality is it offering with or without the phone.

At the moment I use my Apple Watch for ECG and nothing else, the rest of the funtions are quite the same as an cheap 6$ wristband from aliexpress offers.

You should think about a different approach, it should be more than an extended diplay or external vibrating alert.

eHealth or Cybersecurity are some points you should think about BUT to be honest Polar/Suunto/Garmin and Fitbit are far away , out of reach.

I have a proposal … maybe you contact me Firas …

Hello @RobertinoM,
I think the idea of cybersecurity is interesting. For example, as a medium for a 2-phase authorization (transfer of a unique code), a carbon smartwatch would be a great addition.

In theory, but I would go further… imagine a smart biometric watch :wink:

A nice collab with fossil could be the answer?

Thin and light would be an absolute MUST HAVE! :heart_eyes: and it needs to look great. So design should also be a paramount feature. Because a watch is much more visible than a phone. I used a Galaxy Watch for a time. It is just too bulky and heavy and it is not really that much of a design eye-catcher. But that is just my opinion :upside_down_face:
Otherwise I agree with @MkStevo. Notification is important. Reading is nice, but replying is unnecessary. A combination with some fitness tracker functions is nice too.
Personally, I don’t need much memory storage or many apps for the watch.
Price… I don’t know? If it looks really great, I dont mind 200-300€. Is that possible @firascarbonizer?

Well, what is a Smartwatch? First of all it is a sensor for body functions like oxygen saturation, heart rate, pulse etc., then it is also an external indicator of your smartphone. It can also be a contactless credit card, an MP3 player, a timer, an alarm clock, compass or any other small gadget. Why is it called a watch, because it occupies the place where in our culture a watch is usually located. This imitates it therefore also still.
Unfortunately the part needs energy for all these things, which leads to the fact that it generally turns out to be more bulky than a classic watch.
I could imagine to at least put some of the batteries into the bracelet to make a more elegant design possible. Furthermore it would be a consideration if you need a color display or if an energetically cheaper ink display would be enough, especially since this would be easier to read in bright sunlight. Just as a consideration. Of course you can and have to discuss the details in more detail.

Nun, was ist eine Smartwatch? Zunächst einmal ist sie ein Sensor für Körperfunktionen z.B Sauerstoffsättigung, Herzfrequenz, Puls u.s.w., dann ist sie auch ein externer Anzeiger Deines Smartphons. Darüberhinaus kann es noch eine kontaktlose Kreditkarte sein, ein MP3player, ein Zeitgeber, ein Wecker, Kompass oder was es sonst noch so an kleinen Spielereien gibt. Warum heißt es Uhr, weil es halt den Platz besetzt wo sich normalerweise in unserer Kultur eine Uhr befindet. Diese immitiert es daher auch noch.
Leider benötigt das Teil für all diese Dinge Energie, was dazu führt, dass es im allgemeinen klobiger ausfällt als eine klassische Uhr.
Ich könnte mir vorstellen zumindest Teile der Akkus ins Armband auszulagern um ein eleganteres Design zu ermöglichen. Darüber hinaus wäre es eine Überlegung ob man ein Farb Display braucht oder ob nicht ein energetisch günstigeres Ink Display reichen würde, zumal sich dies im hellen Sonnenlicht besser ablesen ließe. Nur mal so als Überlegung. Natürlich kann und muss man dann über Einzelheiten noch mal genauer diskutieren.


A smartwatch is a great idea to get a good interaction between phone and shortcut applications. For me, I never found a fitting smartwatch that is perfect for my daily use.
My preferences would be:
as light as possible, suitable for sports (waterproof, scratch-resistant, pulse sensor), long battery life.
Things like credit card connection NFC, sending texts, photo storage etc. I find unnecessary. The simpler, the better, after all you still have a high-end smartphone. And of course it should look modern and not too obtrusive.
I want a simple product, so maybe 100-150€ is the max i would pay for a carbon smartwatch I guess.

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Ich würde eher in richtung smart-bracelett gehen, mit e-ink display, stylish, mit innovativen funktionen, als car key, payment, id.card etc. ein carbon-armband mit funtion, nicht dem üblichen trend der smartwatches folgen… lasst uns mal darüber reden :wink: klaus wollte einen concall aufsetzen …