To almost quote Henry Ford:
'You can have any color you want as long as it’s real carbon fiber.

We like it this way, the Carbon 1 MK II is our Roadster.
At launch, the revolutionary carbon fiber body marks the end of imitation carbon fiber covers and faux ‘carbon fiber look’ plastic casings that will become instantly irrelevant.

BUT, what would happen if in future we wanted to diversify? Get some sexy new looks…
That’s the question we put to our lead structural-designer James and asked him to explore.
He decided, the natural progression for Carbon was to take inspiration from the pure color of carbon. He created the ‘Carbon Black’ – a sleek, even darker version of the Carbon 1.


Let’s have a vote:

  • I like it!
  • Don’t do this - keep it carbon fiber!

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I think you should not follow each trend. White is a must, and for the girls a red Carbon might be a fine thing. Silver is also an option. And, but that is very special, there could be perhaps Carbons in cooperation with such exclusive brands like Ferrari, Bentley, TVR or AMG.

The Carbon is the ultimate smartphone for a small group of people willing to spend a lot of money for something very exquisite. Vertu showed how a very small company can survive with a product which is not even near being technically actual. But exclusivity still seems to work.

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oh YES! A Special AMG Carbon Edition would be a very nice thing! :star_struck:

Personally, I would also consider a red one. Depending on the shade of red of course!

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It is certainly an option to bring a colored version at some point, but first you should make carbon look like carbon. This is about one, if not the unique selling point. That can and should be the main focus for the moment. I think that once we have it in our hands, there might be little useful things that might be more useful to pursue than developing a color palette.

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Yellow might also be an option. Perhaps combined with gunmetal grey.

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That’ s what I mean, if the brand is distinctive, the colour doesn’t matter. But that’s not the case yet.

But perhaps only we both like the look of Carbon Fibre and many others would like to have the Carbon beeing made of green Carbon and then lacquered f.e. in Ferrari colors. Or those of the fingernails of their wife, as the preowner of my TVR Griffith 430 did.

It´s just an idea. Bugatti, Hispano Suiza, Duesenberg and so on built chassis as well as complete and extremely wunderful cars. Like the Duesenberg Simone.

The monocoque of the Carbon could be kind of a chassis. And then the buyer gives it f.e. to a saddler. I´d like to have mine with grey croco-leather. Like the Ray Ban Wayfarer i lost 1992 in the USA.

Really interesting to see the votes so far!

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Good point. Vertu didn’t last though - their business model just couldn’t work in the end. A German brand so AMG would be a good one

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Difficult thing this could be. (In Memoriam of Master Joda) :wink:

Is it conceivable or possible to produce a one-off with your desired photo / motif? LIEBHERR has this in its portfolio with a mini fridge as example or like in the copy shop that you have a picture printed on the coffee cup. Of course the price will be much higher for special requests, but we want something special or are lovers of something special.

How much would you like to pay for that?

How much?!
First of all: Take a look behind the scenes.

Remember, this product is / should be something special. With other words: a piece that you don’t put into the garbage after 6 months or a year and buy something new (unless maybe a follow-up model would present something sensationally new etc. with a bang), but actually - as I remember - it was also a basic idea of self-repair. This also includes the categories of installing or replacing parts in order to spice it up and tune it in my eyes.

Extra charge for this: 200 - 450 €

Maybe also according to motif effort / motif size (example: small sparkling pink heart with silver glittering outline lower in price than the total area with a photo of the Skyline of Frankfurt or a football team.)

The furniture industry shows us:
Example: length of a showcase 2 m + approx. 70 cm high with sliding doors until then nothing special that justifies a high price. However, this showcase has special sliding hinges that raise the price, so far so good. Furthermore, the piece of furniture in black high-gloss look, which is always significantly more expensive than matt and additional point: don’t forget the type of processing but the top of all: the doors are made of fogged silver. That makes the big difference!

Dear Latina-007,

i ordered my Carbon because it is something special. What about starting a “Tuning Company” for Carbons. Little Bond-Latina does the work and i manage the promotion? :wink:

I think that everyone of us here can be happy when receiving his Carbon 1 Mk II. Technically it is already kind of outdated. But it is still “the” gadget i simply “want” to have.

Perhaps because i am awaiting it tooooooooooooo long to give up my hope right now.



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I see we are not so strange to each other. Yes, I come into the play for example when something went wrong.

Just like you, I’ve always wanted this piece. Who is waiting for the MK longer – you or I?

Even if the hot phase begins shortly (look, be happy, test, enjoy, etc.), you mustn’t stop, you need ideas and further developments of products must refine them and the picture idea would of course be a dream of the future. - Promotion-Guy - a new task is waiting!

To call it a part of carbon mobile group, it would be too early for just one product. Even if laptops and headphones (coming soon) were already available, we would have to look for other resources.

My production experience includes other products, therefore I do not know the interactions such as the process and level of difficulty of carbon production, and I do not know how expensive and time-consuming this would be to be able to make a general estimation (amount of the additional costs).

We are already in the hot phase? Have we a countdown for our MK?


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Ich finde es ohne den sichtbaren Carbon faserverlauf etwas zu normal :man_shrugging:t2: für mich macht es die Carbon Optik erst interessant…

Wir haben in unserer Firma schon mit vielen verschiedenen Optiken und Farben experimentiert.
Carbon Leinwand Gewebe mit vereinzelten aluminisierten Fasern, sieht sehr gut aus :thinking:

Oder eventuell schwarzes Kevlar (Aramid) in Carbon Optik …??

Gibt so viele optische Möglichkeiten durch die verschiedenen gewebten Muster und Farben, da wäre “einfach nur schwarz” etwas zu normal.

Distanz zur Masse :fist:t3::slightly_smiling_face:




momentan ist absolute Experimentier-Phase wild durch alle Richtungen. Dies ist auch gut so. Was jedoch jetzt mehr und mehr in den HIntergrund rückt, sind die Kernpunkte des Produkts: “dünnste - leichteste - Grundbasis: Carbon” - was marketingtechnisch bei der Visualisierung des Produktes mit das A und O ist.

:100:Richtig erkannt: Distenz zur Masse - Einzigartigkeit - das Besondere. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We would be happy to partner with AMG in the future.
We discussed internally few brands we can partner with, including BMW.
What do you think of co-branding in the future?

Hello @latina-007
Can you explain more how that would look like?
We are small company, and we are able to do any customization, even if it’s to be sold at premium, if the customer wants to.

Regarding maintenance, yes, we’re planning to provide replacement kits, but I wouldn’t say upgrading parts (for example, having a much completely new camera sensor).

Can you share some examples here?
Would be nice to know more about the other options you mentioned.
Not sure I know all of them.