Tesla X Nasa. What do we think?

At the end of May, we saw something pretty amazing and a potentially giant leap in space travel.

Nasa for the first time since the shuttle program ended launched their own astronauts into space and got them to the Space station.

Haven’t seen the launch yet, watch it here?

Personally, pretty excited by this new chapter. With Elon Musk behind the wheel, the dream of getting into space for all of us feels a little step closer.

Through their rivalry with Blue Origin, they have competitively advanced innovation and driven down costs.

But should we put our trust in corporations rather than a government space program?

What do you think?

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No, we shouldn’t do that. Carbon is much more flexible, if everything will be kept by private persons👍🏼

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You are right… although it’s hard to be a private company in such a big industry.
Still, we are very happy to be independent.
Gald to have you on board Stephan!

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Thank you Firas :relaxed: