System Update failed


i tried to do the software update from april and it fails everytime i try. Here’s what’s happening (german error messages):

  • I download and install the software update
  • The device restarts and boots into a software installer
  • The installer shows an android laying on the back and the message “Fehler”
  • The phone reboots and shows that there was an error during the update with the message “Problem beim Bestätigen”

I can deliver adb logs and screenshot if necessary.



Dear @Omni
Thanks for your message.
Can you please share what is firmware version you have?
Settings > About > Android Version > then take a screenshot.
Probably you have a very old firmware from February.
There is a manual solution for that, I just want to double check.


Sure, here you go:

It has been 2 weeks now since i posted the screenshot, as requested. Are there any news on the topic?

Hello @Omni

Sorry for the delay in responding, we missed this.
I have just sent you an email (using the email you have here on the community profile).
It includes steps to help you update your firmware.