Sustainability not only about materials & regions

I was quite eager to get the phone because of it’s innovation and sustainability focus. Because of this, I was prepared to accept the phone to score less on other specifications and features.

Having had the phone for three months, I am ordering another phone to replace it. When the basics like making a phone call doesn’t work properly (people can’t hear me well enough to have a decent conversation ), and the camera lens material becomes blurred/dull, it makes the phone useless.

However much attention is put into certain aspects of sustainability, if it doesn’t function it’s in a drawer after 3 moths and that makes it the least sustainable phone I’ve had by far. And I have to order a new phone. Just to be able to make phone calls. Sorry for the harsh post but I hope in future the Carbon Phones will function at a level that is minimally required so they can last for years not months.