Some LED Lights on rear side logo don't work

Hello Everyone,
I recently bought the phone and I was trying to see the colors on the LED logo on the rear when I saw that some of the colors don’t work as they should.
Below I am listing what happens on tapping on a color name and which color it shows actually:

Color Tapped Displayed Color
White Becomes white for a second then becomes red
Red Red
Green Green
Blue Blue
Magenta Becomes magenta for a second then becomes red
Yellow Becomes yellow for a second then becomes red
Cyan Cyan

Please send an update to sort it, or maybe if anyone has a solution please advise.
Thank You.

Sorry, I have no suggestions that will help. I imagine that one or more of the coloured LEDs are faulty.

There will be no updates, Carbon Mobile are no longer operating (in 'phones at least).

If bought new and this concerns you, return it, otherwise you’ll have to live with it. Sorry.

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