SOFTWARE UPDATE: April Update #1

Hello Carbonizers

As you know, we are continually releasing software upgrades for your Carbon 1 MK II.

A huge thank you to all the Carbonizer Founders for your feedback over the past 5 weeks, you have made a huge contribution to the development of the software!

The latest Carbon 1 MK II download is now available and includes:

  • Android April security patch update
  • Camera: AWB Color tuning improvement
  • Camera: Auto Focus tuning improvement
  • UI: Fix bug with icons showing up after removal

To download, go to:
Settings / System / Advanced / System Update

Update number: 20210402

Please, if you have any questions or challenges relating to software, notify us on here and we can talk.

Thanks all


Hi Jamie
For days a fantastic feeling with the basics - pure pleasure to work with the CARBON now - with 2 exceptions:

  1. APPs finder still has the problem that apps overlap the control bar at the bottom. (A blank line has already been deleted above, but this has not eliminated the fundamental problem).

Insert a break so that a new page is automatically opened or simply place the control bar over the apps, and it can be scrolled - certainly intended if I correctly interpret the scroll function on the right and look at the other features such as settings.

  1. Long Google button (below) is annoying. icon unable to move (can only be opened) to move - alternatively to push upwards - actually rather eliminate, but all knowledge and help does not work.

Thanks all for the fantastic performance in such a short time. :heart: :cry:

Hallo zusammen :grin: da muss ich die gute Frau übermir Recht Geben, die Google leiste nervt ein bisschen, Mann kann sie nur nach oben schrieben , was man eigentlich nicht braucht :grin:

Yes, we hear you all.

We will take care of that :slight_smile:


Hi Jamie,

I am really enjoying my new Carbon 1!

I love several features.

I am having a few difficulties with some apps. The Carbon 1 is not communicating with the Apple Music app, so I am not able to log into Apple Music, and the Google Themes app won’t open, which is preventing me from setting personalized ringtones.

Can we please have these bugs fixed?

Thank you very much and I love how light the phone is!

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Also I am not able to connect my ear phones through Bluetooth. It is not able to find or add any devices.

Hello @Apollunai
I am very glad to you got your Carbon 1!

  • Apple Music, I have to test it myself. First time ever I have Apple ID :no_mouth:.
    I am managed to create an account, and then log in to Apple Music.

  • Google Themes: we are working on that, hopefully in May we have a proper theme app and more themes.

Ringtones, I am able to change it from settings > Sounds > Phone Ringtones > Add Ringtone. Is that helpful?

Regarding Bluetooth, can you please try restart your device and search again?

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Apple Music technical support told me that it was a network issue and it has been resolved. I am connected to my Apple Music and enjoying it.

The other problems are still persisting though.

When I go to SETTINGS, SOUND, and then click on PHONE RINGTONE, or DEFAULT NOTIFICATION SOUND, it won’t open and shows an error window that says THEMES KEEPS STOPPING, with three options, APP INFO, CLOSE APP, SEND FEEDBACK.

The other issue I have been experiencing is that I cannot connect to any other devices through Bluetooth. I did try to restart the phone, and I tried to turn the phone off. I also tried connecting several different devices. When it is searching it just does not find the device.

Thank you for your attention to these issues.

I will follow up on private messge.

Vielleicht hilft dir das weiter