Screen Flickers in night light mode - New unit with Android 11

Hello all,

I have a brand new Carbon mobile, which was upgraded to Android 11 upon receipt. However, I have a serious issue with the display. It flickers significantly when the “night light” mode kicks in after the sunset.

As you know this is the feature reducing the blue light in the display, making it easier for your eyes and I’ve used it in all my previous android phones with no issue. This Carbon’s display however, seems to change between the night light and regular mode (when night light is activated), making it impossible to use as there is a constant flicker effect on the display, ruining my eyes.

Before I indulge myself in another customer support experience, I was wondering if anyone else in the community had a similar issue, and hopefully a fix?

OS is upgraded to the latest available. Thanks in advance!

Hello Sayan,

We noticed this flickering issue with night mode after the upgrade to Android 11.
It seems few other brands encountered the same issue and got fixed after.
We are resolving this issue during the next update.

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for the fast response, Firas. It’s actually a relief to hear that’s a known issue and being worked on. I’m happy to wait for the update.

Kind Regards