Putting People In Drones. Then Racing Them

Is this the carbon fiber powered future of motorsport!?

The Drone Champions League (DCL) are on a mission to make manned drone racing a reality. Remote control racing is just a stepping stone for these guys to a mad future where people will be racing prop to prop.

On a personal note, I’ve tried to watch Drone racing and lasted about 2mins. It’s not for me. But this is pretty special.

The prototype is built around a Torro Rosso carbon fiber monocoque chassis. This means it’s super light and incredibly nimble.

They haven’t put someone in it yet but there are plans to soon.
Find out more here: Big Drone - Drone Champions League

Let me know what you think!


Sounds so cool and funny, great story, thk you @jamie

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Hey jamie… This really is a cool and a fun topic… and Monocoque from actual F1 makes it really interesting
Thank u