Our Founder Firas has a good story to tell

Carbon Mobile was founded 4 years ago to accelerate the adoption of advanced materials in personal electronics.

Carbon is the brainchild of founder Firas Khalifeh. It started when he asked the simple question, ‘Why aren’t advanced composites like carbon fiber materials accelerating change in personal electronics the same way they are in other premium sectors?’

This sparked a journey of discovery and lead to the development of the lightest and thinnest 6" smartphone. All possible by rethinking the materials we use to create tech.

He has a pretty fascinating story to tell. He’s recently been sharing with some journalists and tech commentators.

Here are two great examples.

Handelsblatt Interview - 07.04.2020 (German language)
Firas met with Christof Kerkmann to talk about the innovations behind the Carbon 1 MK II and the challenges behind it.

[Start Up The Science Podcast - May 2020]
This is a great podcast series from the Berlin-based team at INAM - Innovation Network for Advanced Materials.
Tune in and hear Firas discuss the core principals behind Carbon Mobile and the material science behind the revolutionary Carbon 1 MK II smartphone.

Have a read, have a listen.
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