My experiences with the Carbon 1 Mk II as a Founder

Hi dear Carbonizers and Founders,

I’m one of the first 300 owners of this phone and have waited years from the day it was announced until it was delivered. In the meantime I had already lost hope that it would ever be built at all.

Now I own one of the 300 copies of the so-called “Founders Edition”, which is also written (almost invisibly) on the carbon housing. I could afford several luxury iPhones a month. But they never interested me. I’ve never had an iPhone. I’ve never owned anything from Apple. Apple is just too profane for me. Apple is for the proletariat with a little money.

I’ve never driven a Porsche either, I’ve driven a TVR. And when I needed a station wagon to haul furniture to my Croatian island apartment, I bought the 6.2 liter C63 AMG. A great car that to this day is completely unremarkable until you step on the accelerator.

Others might have bought a Ferrari. And they would probably have spent an infinite amount of money on carbon. I know what the carbon parts of my C63 cost. But I’m not that stupid to invest so much money for the everyday driving-whore.

But I was happy to do it for an absolutely innovative smartphone. And yes, sometimes I despair of it too. The connection is sometimes bad, and then perfect again. The WiFi works sometimes better and sometimes worse, and that in the same place. But I was fine with being a guinea pig!

The camera can be properly pimped with software for a one-off fee of 5 EUR. incl. Pano function. In my opinion, you should make that much effort with an OS that is very close to Android. And I also have no sympathy for people who expect a tiny booth to have a phone that works like SAMSUNG.

However, I could puke when I have to read in some forums that the Mobitel (that’s what we call them here in Croatia) for 200 EUR would have been almost bought if only the reviews hadn’t been so bad.

If you don’t have 200 EUR left, then you’re just as little the right clientele for carbon as rascals should buy W204 C63-T AMG’s. (The Alis can buy the rest, if I don’t mind).

The Carbon 1 Mk II is simply an epochal smartphone. It was manufactured under humane circumstances, like the engine in my AMG. “One man, one engine”. It still works quite well for me even after updating to Android 11. In the meantime, I have a suspicion that things are going better again because I’m one of the guinea pigs.

And I live in Croatia on an island. Although we have G4, I mostly use G3. That’s enough for me. I have no idea how the boys and girls from Carbon deal with it technically. But all in all I can’t complain about the phone.

Dear people Especially the ones from Germany! No Italian or Croatian would ever compare an Opel with a Maserati. Despite the same horsepower. The Carbon 1 Mk II is a piece of “art”. And I was happy to spend my money on it.

And it still works quite well so far.

Well, the OPEL driver has to drive to work every day. The Ferrari driver rather not. And now I only chat with pretty girls with the Carbon, because long phone calls just got too tiring for me. :wink:


Hi Groundtorpedo,
great comments from you. :+1:

De la daube porte toi la bien en Croatie