Internal Storage

I would like to comment on the internal storage situation.
The current 128GB is nice but if you think about the corresponding specs SIM-Support (2) and the support of aptXHD the situation is not as clear anymore.
If you like to listen to your music and do not use streaming (because on a regular basis you travel in areas where streaming is a bitch) and prefer HD music (>500MB/album in contrast to ~250-350MB/album for CD quality) the amount of storage is not that much. The use of a SD is possible but then the option of two SIM-cards is out of the window.
This restricts the use of the phone in BYOD when using two SIM-cards or on a regular base the user can switch music files.
An option for 256GB would be nice at least for me, since my music collection is not that large and I would only have to cut those out that I really don’t listen to anymore.
Yours sincerely,


Hi @jbo
Totally agree with you. :+1:t2:

Hi @jbo
You make a strong case for 256GB and you aren’t the first to suggest its inclusion.
We are exploring how possible memory expansion is in the Carbon 1 MK II. We have an update planned for mid October so I will be able to confirm then if we can make it so.