I have been buying it for two weeks

i have been buying it for two weeks
phone was not sent
order@carbonmobile.com no response
Could you tell me when the goods will be sent ?
My order No. is #cm1517

Hello my friend.
Unfortunately you cannot write anything negative over the phone here. It will be deleted quickly. My first carbon for 700 euros is scrap. I bought another one for 240 euros to see if it caused problems again. Except for the quiet loudspeakers, it works so far. The manufacturer just doesn’t want it to be true that this phone is still in its infancy and that the customer is becoming a test can.

Hello @s5892003
I have responded to you on private.
@jaschacarbonizer is taking care of the case.

Hello @Alex
Appreciate your message.
We do our best to serve our customers and carbonizers.
Buying it for cheaper price from open market, doesn’t mean we are cheating anyone. We don’t have control when a retailer/etailer sell it for cheaper price. Our legal team is looking into the case with the retailer.

Our team is addressing the loud speaker issue, there are few units in the market with this issue. Which we found out that it’s from the NXP chipset and we are resolving it with the vendor.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks, I am waiting for a solution.
As you can read everywhere, every second Phone is affected with the Loudspeaker problem.
I don’t want to do anything bad here.
The Phone is very good.
Only the Speaker have a really bad Sound and this is a very big Problem for a Smartphone.

Hi everyone,

I own one of the 300 Carbonizer Founder models. After updating to Android 11, I had problems with choppy calls on the other side. I was hard to understand. A restart helped. When speaking hands-free, the other party hears an echo. That’s unpleasant. But what still annoys me is the fact that when using the phone, the sensor doesn’t seem to notice that I have my cheek on the phone and the Carbon then alternately switches on the flashlight, deactivates the loudspeaker, deactivates the mobile data, etc.

Firas, please finally take on this problem. The Carbon is primarily a phone and not a tablet.

Otherwise I’m very happy with the gadget, but I’m still waiting for the promised Jaabra headphones. It would also be nice if I could send my device to Germany to exchange it for the larger battery instead of having to buy a new one. Because the point of the carbon case lay in the “sustainability”

To all “grumblers” here: I was once the owner of a TVR Griffith 430 and am currently driving a Mercedes W204 C63 AMG station wagon with tuning to 520 HP. Average consumption 21.5 liters. You can’t be a rational person to do something like that. And that’s why, in my opinion, you shouldn’t look at the Carbon like a Huawei P30 Lite (my current second phone). It’s a really cool gadget. And who knows what just such a stupid carbon cover for the C63 costs, can only laugh at the price of the Carbon 1 Mk II.

By the way, I recommend placing the LED on the lighter green of the Carbonizer Settings. That comes out much better than the standard white. Or red from me, too. However, I prefer blue to red.

Many greetings

Yes and?
I currently drive a Audi R8 and do I have to do without the simplest settings on a Phone?
I do not think so.
If I see how the Phone is advertised, then it has to work, regardless of the price. If the manufacturer can’t even fix the problem with the simple Loudspeaker, it should perhaps have been calling for donations rather than leaving Buyers in the Dark.

Perhaps you should learn to write correct English at first. And furthermore much fun with the “Banta Pudu” called Audi R8. :wink:

It’s a shame that they only specialize in Cars.
I thought we were in a Telephone forum … :joy: :joy: :joy: