How thin is thin?

I was looking through my collection of old mobile 'phones the other day… As I looked at some of the old devices, I saw the boxes for two of them. I remembered @firascarbonizer saying that the Carbon 1 MkII packaging would be the “Thinnest ever packaging” [October update video, 5:00].

In the December update, we get our first look at the finished packaging, with the carbon “weave” printing and the Carbon 1 MkII on top of the box.

The Carbon 1 packaging looks thin, but how thin?

My Wileyfox Swift2 box is slim, about 24mm.

My old nextbit robin box is slimmer still, about 23mm or so.

In the picture of the Carbon 1 box, it looks slightly taller than both of those.

Not taking my next question seriously, but how thin, is thin?

My Oppo R5 (R8106) was for a brief period the world’s slimmest smartphone, but the packaging for it was huge by comparison with the 'phone, almost 55mm tall. But the 'phone? Very slim indeed…


Your Wileyfox box is really slim, but I think the Carbon box will be around that range.

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Wow, thanks for this - keeping us honest as always.
The Carbon 1 MK II box is 24mm depth.
This puts us at the same as the Wileyfox Swift but a little more than the Robin.
Our designer focused specifically within the premium mobile sector when researching and this is how we might have missed this.
@firascarbonizer and I will make sure all claims are correct in Comms.

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Thanks for sharing this, 24mm is great but Robin box with 23mm puts you in new challenge :grin: :grin: :grin: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

@jamie & @firascarbonizer, I’ve a question about the Carbon 1 box, I remember the box will be made of potatoes and corn starch, attached is a snip of my post on FB with your comment.

Does the idea of making a box from potatoes and corn starch still exist? :wink:CarbonBox

Sorry, but is this important?

The Carbon is not the slimmest phone. And not even the lightest. Get a KAZAM Tornado 348 and you will know what 97g 5 mm Phone is.

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Du hast Recht , wichtig ist es es nicht.
Wobei ich denke ZataarW gehts um die verwendeten Matrialien der Verpackung, wo es dann um Nachhaltigkeit geht, was ja bei Carbon auch immer ein bisschen mitschwingt. :grinning:

Schon mal bei Gelegenheit einen Gedanken daran verschwendet wie viel C02 für so eine Kleinstserie produziert wurde, und noch wird…

No. Not “important” at all. Probably not even interesting either.

I was curious how “thin” the thinnest ever packaging was, nothing more, nothing less. I thought it looked thin in the pictures but not as thin as some I have seen.

My Oppo R5 makes your Kazam Tornado 5.15mm look fat at only 4.85mm, there was a Vivo model thinner than that, 4.75mm. Maybe thin is important? In defence of the Kazam, it doesn’t look to have any camera bump so it could be thinner if the camera is included in the size?

I loved the KAZAM 348. But when i owned it, i talked every day a lot. So that exrtremely light phone was perfect for me. Interestlingly it was a Phone with a massive Stamina. Whereas Internet-Surfing even via WiFi killed its small 2050 Battery pretty fast.

Exoecting the Carbon, it has no real benefit for me. It is slighty lighter than my Huawei. I don´t expect the Camera to be better.

But the Carbon is not a Smartphone. It is the Gadget you want to own.

And - even if i still own my “old” but beloved 6.2 Litre W204 C63 AMG T-Model - and the nearly in “brand new condition R129 500 SL” i would like to own a Bentley Arnage T Facelift.

Because it is a “must have” Gadget for little Boys.

And who cares about 1,2 mm when driving aorund in a 2.6 tons Bentley? :wink:

Old phones, cars… - seems to be very important to always be repeated… - to be continued :yawning_face:

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I guess, that it is not possible to build a high-res Camera into a 5 mm Smartphone. The 5 MP cam of the KAZAM was lousy, But they had a pretty good Software. Panoramic Pictures were extremely easy. The SONY X compact and the Huawei P30 Lite are not even nearby.

The KAZAM Tornado 348 was thin, small and light, it was simply the best potential SONY.

The Opo R5 in comparison is fat. But i have to admit that my personal usage of smartphone has changed. And therefore i now prefer a larger Battery cause of f.e. longer Streaming Capabilitiy.

Sadly the Carbon won´t be a Leader in any Class anymore when delivered. But i would not drive my C63 AMG 6.2 with 133.000 km if i would not still adore it.

There are Gadgets for a Boy to have. And the Carbon is one of them!

I use packaging that stays longer, especially for products that are something special, as in this case. - it has to harmonize or give a kick (Wileyfox - not). Nice look outside.but inside for me as a woman it is a bit too bulky / angular (the white not so extrem).
It’s a by-product and not the star.


Was machen die Ohrstecker? Irgendwie von der Bildfläche verschwunden.
What is the current status?
When abailable etc.
In which colour it gets?

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Mädels halt. :wink: Die haben ganz andere Prios als wir Jungs.