Her Majesty's Customs Service

I don’t know if what I’m gonna tell you now has happened to anybody else…I got a letter from HMCS asking me to pay import tax for my recently received Carbon.
How come if I order the Carbon on amazon I don’t have to pay import tax but if I order from the manufacturer in Germany directly I do?
Why pay import tax?
As a foreigner living in the U.K I get any tax paid refunded as soon as I go to my own country even if only on a holiday…anyways I refused and I’m certainly not gonna pay over 100 Pound tax over a phone I already paid 498 Pound for.
Well,your Majesty you’ll have to fund “Harry and Meghan’s lifestyle” by other means 'cause I won’t pay you jackshit…

I ordered my Carbon directly from Germany, before brexit. As it shipped after brexit, things got slightly more complex. But I paid import duty “up front” and so paid nothing on arrival.

Looking at the price you paid, I guess that is VAT free? There is (as I understand it) no import duty on goods such as mobile 'phones, but VAT is levied on all imports. I guess it is the VAT that you are being asked to pay? I’m surprised you managed to get it delivered without paying this. Anything I’ve ordered where no proof that VAT has been paid in advance can be shown is held in customs until proof is provided, or I pay up.

It is strange getting billed after reception of my Carbon phone.Anyways I didn’t hear from them again.Like I said I get the VAT back as soon as I leave the U.K for reason of not being a British citizen.So why ask me to pay VAT in the first place?
I think they send these letters to anyone ordering goods in the E.U hoping being paid.I don’t worry about it.What can they do?After all this would have to be processed and when/if I leave it would have to show in their system that I didn’t pay VAT and they can’t prevent me form leaving or re-entering the U.K because of that.

I am a UK resident and so had to pay the VAT on ordering the device.

Still, let’s hope no one from HMRC happens to read this thread. Especially given your bio implies you are living in London. If Revenue and Customs were to start looking, you don’t know where they might stop.

Me? I’d pay up and keep my head down.