Greetings from Croatia

Here is GT from Mali Losinj, the most beautiful island in Croatia.

I am glad to be one of the founders. Some years ago i searched the web for the lightest new smartphone. Then i had the KAZAM Tornado 348. It was 97 g light but the camera had only 5MP and the battery was pretty weak. I am not a heavy user, but i like to read the news when i sit in the restaurant. And the KAZAMs battery did not last a whole day. Actually i use a Sony Xperia X compact which is quiet nice, but has a small display and is a little bit to heavy. So i guess the Carbon will be the perfect smartphone for me with its 6" display.

I am not very much into modern things if they don´t make sense to me. I drive a 500 SL built in 1992 and a C63 AMG from 2009. Both cars are perfect and i would not buy their successors because i don´t see any improvements which seem useful to me. I write this with a Lenovo T420 from 2012 which i pimped with 8 GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD. It runs like a new device. The Carbon is worth its money because it will last very long and is a nice piece of design, like my cars. I can´t understand the people who change their idiotic iPhones or Samsungs every vear. How many Millions or even Billions of smartphones so become unneccessary toxic garbage every year.

I hope to get the Carbon as soon as possible and will use it as long as it works. And that will be hopefully for a very long time.