Greetings from Austria

Hello Carbonizer,

my name is Miran. I am glad to be a part of the new inovation team around carbon mobile.
I am a System Admin of a company in Austria.
I am looking forward to use the new Phone. ( @ the moment Essentials PH1).
I like new Ideas an Devices
I hobe Carbon Mobile will also produce a device in Europe.
We have to try to be more authark in produce devices and develope Software for the devices in europe.
The last crises show us why! We are to much dependent from china (Hardware) and USA (Software).
I hope we can push companies like Carbon Mobile to produce the carbon mobile device in Europe and maybe in future also a own OS like (LineageOS, etc…) for the Phone.
We need our own services (like google, ios) to be more authark.
Let’s start & be cool !!!


Hello @Mirhannes

Super welcome to the Carbonizer community.
And I am very glad to read your opinion and the reasons behind your support for Carbon Mobile.
Yes, we believe that Europe needs its new alternative, when it comes to consumer-electronics and specially smartphone.

Yes, we want to build more hardware in Europe and as we go, customize the Android OS.
To keep it light and secure, but also to respect our privacy and values.

See you around.

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