GPS - What else should I try?

I am quite satisfied with my Carbon, except for one thing - it can’t get a position fix on any navigational satellite system. I would like to discuss this with someone from Carbon Mobile, but neither on using the feedback in the Carbonizer App three weeks ago nor the chatbot on the homepage last week I have gotten any response. I have given up on calling long ago, btw.

Since this appears to be read:

Where should I go with my problem? I would gladly send you logs or whatever, but I don’t want to shout them into the void. Also, a solution would be highly appreciated, since all location based services are only barely working for me (only within range of WLAN).

Hello @Wyvern
I got your feedback through the app.
And our team is already looking at it, sorry we didn’t get back to you. As the app is not integrated with support.

We noticed this problem with 2 customers so far.
Can you please use GPS TEST App
Go in an open area, and take a screenshot after 30 seconds or so (trying to connect with GPS satellites).
Do you have problem with calling? You mean support center?


Hi Firas,

thanks for your reply!

I had already used GPS Test several times, even for 15 minutes at one time, and it always showed the picture it did just now:

You do have a call center? I tried the Berlin number on the homepage.


We are doing further investigation on WIFI and GPS in General.
Will keep you posted.
But it can’t be that the performance is extremely low.

Regarding the call center, yes, it should be working. What is the issue you are facing there?

Just running into the answering machine after a few rings

Hello @Wyvern What happened when you tried calling? Our hotline should be available Monday through Friday. Maybe you called outside the opening hours (9am-5pm CET)?

Hi @jaschacarbonizer, when I did call 03012082035 during closing time, it told me that, so no complaint here.

The last time I tried was April 9th, at 11:14, 11:24 and 12:00. It rang a few times, then the answering machine came on.

[Edit 29/07/21] One month and a call to Berlin later: no reaction. @firascarbonizer Is anyone even caring about this?

Any news on this? Not being able to use location based services is proving quite a drag.

If there is no software fix in sight, I would gladly provide you with my device for analysis in exchange for another one that’s fully operational…

hello @Wyvern,

I have done a test just now, using Carbon and another device.

This is the result from the Carbon 1 smartphone.

This is the result of another brand device.

I would suggest that we can have a conf call through Teams, and you can do screen sharing.
So we can inspect the issue together.
If the issue is not going to be resolved for you, otherwise, we can offer a replacement, and we receive your device for further debugging.

Hi Firas,

thanks for reaching out! Even after installing the latest version of GPSTest, the problem still persists, so a possibility to show you how things look on my device would be highly appreciated.

I’m on vacation right now, so I’m pretty flexible regarding the date and time of a Teams call. The only day not that good is next Saturday, which I will be mainly spending on the road. Other than that: Whatever is free in your calendar :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Just so that there are not 2 X GPS threads, I’ve moved your comment here :slight_smile:

"Dear Caebon team,
I have a GPS broplem, I’m not able to use Google map location, Always losing the GPS connection.

I have tried another Samsung device at the same time to be sure it is not app or GPS broplem, the Samsung worked very well whel my Carbon didn’t.

I can’t live with this broplem, because always I use the map and locations.

This broplem from the first time I used my Carbon but, I’m late to tell.

Please this broplem needs to be solved…"

Original thread from @ZataarW:

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@Wyvern - We’ll be in touch today on email to organise a time to discuss the GPS issue.

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Also I moved below anser to here :grin:

Sorry being lat to answee you!

Hope that you resolved the broplem with Mr. Wyvern

For me it is not easy to resend the device because of the customs due and high fees, but if that will help the Carbon company team I’m ready to do anything in hand because I consider myself one of the Carbon company team.

Also my device has a lot of issues in sound system, Bluetooth connection, screen adhesive and the GPS connection as mentioned before.

I want to explain, specify and describe all the issues, but really I didn’t find a time because I’m little busy and become a lazy boy sometimes :rofl:

I got your e-mail regarding the Green Reward so I couldn’t be able to participate in the Green Reward program, I think it was an opportunity to return the device to you.

That will be good if we can make a conference call in anytime you want.


Any update regarding the GPS issue?

Yes, got my device replaced by now. They asked me to send my old device back for them to dissect it because the problem is apparently very rare :face_with_monocle:

Hi Waseem

We can sort the Green Reward for you, you will receive a code today :slight_smile:
Regarding the issues, @firascarbonizer - @jaschacarbonizer, can you reach to Waseem to sort - may need to find a similar solution to that we did with Wyvern.

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Hello @ZataarW , I have just sent you an email.

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Thanks dear that will be awesome :blush:

Thanks, I’ve got your e-mail, will reply you today…