Google Pixel 6 is very tempting

But I’m holding out for the Carbon Mark 3 announcement soon.


  • 120 Hz screen, with special made thin Victus glass. The current Carbon screen is the best I’ve seen.

  • Glass camera lens. The current camera lens is plastic which gets scratched. I can’t take clear photos anymore :frowning:

  • Better microphone and speakers. Please please fix the speaker and mic issues.

  • Carbon fiber edges instead of plastic to protect against drops. The plastic tops and bottoms crack when dropped.

  • Full body screen and thinner bezels.

The phone is already exceptional so it’s a short list!


top and bottom are made out of HyRECM

The underlying structure seems to be carbon fiber and plastic. I wish there was a way to make the coating a bit more chip and drop resistant.

The current coating is quite resistant to daily wear and tear. But any impact points seem to separate the coating from the underlying carbon.

My corner edges look worn/chipped in the meantime, despite the protective case that covers the device and it is usually still in another bag with me on the way. Device never dropped.
A solution should be found for this kind of chipping.

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So, buy a Google Pixel 6!

I thought that just some girls wander by mistake (Andrew Eldritch, S.O.M)

The Pixel 6 is very annoying to use. The fingerprint sensor only works one in every five tries, which means I almost always have to use my password to unlock. The screen has a “dirty” colour tint, everything has a mud like look to it. The cameras are vastly superior to the Carbon, but mine has a very poor lens which makes close ups only focussed in the very centre, everything away from the centre is blurred significantly.

On the plus side, it is built very well and the glass and aluminium look beautiful, the always on display is superb and the battery life is great.

I’m back on my Carbon for the time being. Not being able to unlock is too annoying!