Forum poorly structured

I want to suggest to restructure the format of the forum. Currently, there are plenty categories, but almost all of them start with Carbon… Some of them seem dead, others overloaded
This is not helpful

À single thread for bug list is not adequate. Users have complains about issues encountered, but many remain unaddressed because the thread turns towards other issues during the discussion.

We need a bug list, where every issue has its own thread
We need a separate wish list, with every wish having its own thread
And so on
This way, you guys at Carbon see what is important and widespread and what bugs, for example, are rare and occasional. And users can look for help specific to their problem.
As it is, everybody needs to read every post to stay up to date. This is not how it should be. A forum is supposed to offer solutions. That is what it’s for. But not here. Because the structure is poor. No-one knows where to look…