Firmware Updates


I haven’t used my Carbon 1 MK II for quite a few months. I still have Android 10 and the software update says I have the latest update. I thought this phone was being updated to Android 12 - as stated in the Carbon’s website.

Can anyone help me? At least send me a link with Android 11 or 12 so I can update it manually? Thank you so much!

Kind regards.

Hello @Xarrunga,

I’m afraid the project has been abandoned and no one here can help you anymore.
My Carbon has Android 11, the last update is from the 05th november 2021. Since then, the system is always displayed as being up to date.

Really? What a disappointment…!!!
Any way I can get the Android 11 firmware file? Thanks in advance.

I am the proud owner of a second CARBON.
Android tells you when update is available.

Then you will see an icon at the top left side - tough it and scroll it and red the message (example: system update - below: May update #1 etc.)

Second way: go over icon: settings (Einstellungen) then sytem, extended (erweitert) until sytem – you will if something available or not.

As I wrote above my last update was on 5 November 2021, is that possible?

No, there are no more major updates - Nov. 2021 was an bigger upgrade for cleaning something and some new/better things (as camera)…
Small updates in the form of actualizations you get of course via google play.

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in the same boat. Newbie in here -got it yesterday- would be nice to know if we could fetch it somewhere and sideload it through adb/fastboot?

(It did two updates, but ended at August 2021, not November, and hence on Android 10 not 11)

Browsing around in here I see others have had problems getting it since January 2022. , but also see threads mentioning various issues, could it be that they removed the Android 11 version as broken? And never found a fix, and hence left it unavailable?

Newbie - Note: Community is started with FOUNDERS EDITION (is something special). You have another variant.

Our FOUNDERS EDITION has phone problems after ANDROID 11

I bought a second device and leave it on ANDROID 10 as long as it is feasible (because of phone trouble).