Extremely poor surface quality - Founder edition

This is unfortunately, an unbelievably bad story about the service of Carbon mobile.
I wrote by email my claim on sixth of march. I didn’t get a competent answer till now!!!
I wrote regarding some not working software issues and about the extremely poor surface quality (carbon surface at back side and camera fixture). I paid € 800.- for a mobile which looks like a prototype or a low-cost copy from China.
I was from beginning a fan of the carbon philosophy and the style of this smartphone, but I my enthusiasm is gone. I couldn’t understand how this company manage claims from their customers.
Today I send a new email and I want to change my mobile by a better one. We will see what happens:

Hello Roland,

Sorry for receiving this device, I just saw your email, and that device shouldn’t have been shipped to any customer!.
March was extremely busy for us since the launch. And we indeed missed that.

I can arrange a replacement for you, we will take care of the issue on Monday.

I am not sure which software issues you are facing, we fixed many of the problems. And we continue to optimize the performance and adding more UX to our Carbon smartphone.

Although it feels a bit harsh to call it a copy from China, because Carbon is 100% original design and engineering done by qualified engineers from ex-Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry.
But I understand from looking at the pictures the frustration.

Indeed, Carbon Mobile was built around its enthusiastic fans who gave us the energy to sustain all years in the making.
I wouldn’t want to lose you or your enthusiasm and your support.

Update you soon.


Hello again,
I received in a very short time a new mobile.
Thank you very much for the uncomplicated help.
Now, I’m again fascinated from this very nice Smartphone.
Thank,s all.

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Hello Ronald,

I am very glad to hear that!!
At first, I got confused with this picture, thought you received a device with a similar problem!
But it seems you shared the old device photo?