Essential apps for Carbon I with android

Any ideas and suggests for must-have apps on our Carbon I?

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interesting topics… before suggesting would like to know apps already available unique to only carbon phone?

Well, I think that’s depending what you wanna use your Carbon for. I’ll start with 3 apps (ProtonVPN, ZeroTier One, ProtonMail). Afterwards I’ll see what’s missing. As I think we’ll play around a lot for testing I stick in the beginning with a bare minimum. The chances for resetting and start all over again are not so small. :smile:

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I don´t think that preinstalled apps are necessary. We are not little Apple-Usergirls. I´d personally like to have a very slim stock android. Imho some nice backgrounds an diverse designsymbols for the apps are more useful than preinstalled apps. I´d suggest a very dark design with white or a little bit coloured symbols for less battery comsumption. The Carbon is a masterpiece of art, so its display should look like that. Can you remember the Prada smartphone made by LG?

prada LG


one of reasons why carbon caught my attention was minimalism - I like clean mobile, without 100 unnecesary apps. special design for screen, I think it is important focuse on those details too - puristic carbon mobile will be possible to recognize from the distance.


Something like the HTC sense interface. sober and practical.
A powerful file explorer

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Ich hatte bis vor einem Jahr ein Nokia Windows Phone.

Ich habe das Design und das Layout geliebt, es war einfach, minimalistisch und intuitiv :ok_hand:t3:

Wenig vorinstalliert und ein super Unterteilung…wenn das Carbon sich so entwickelt bin ich glücklich :+1:t2:

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Simple app to manage files and data… including media and entertainment
most important easy to access and clean junk and trash files.
Something for security I’ll be really appreciated…
All application be customised with carbon feel but simple to operate and access
that’s for now… anything more I’ll update…:slight_smile:

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I always liked that “Prada” interface. I wanted to get one of the LG Armani devices, but never managed to. I have installed some similar looking icon packs on various 'phones to emulate the look but they often don’t have icons for every app I install. That leaves me with some apps that have icons that don’t match the others. This eventually drives me to remove the icon pack!

It is possible to switch the display on most 'phones to give a complete system wide black and white only display. Again, I have done this on a few of my 'phones from time to time, but usually find myself going back to a colour display after a week or two.


Well, it still makes fun to individualize his smartphone theme. Here an example of a dark theme for my beloved Kazam Tornado 348.


The previous Sony Z3 compact had a larger battery, so i had a individual white theme.


Perhaps Carbon can install a theme database or an icon database with categories like f.e. banking, music, email and so on. I´m sure some users will fill it up.

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An app for cleaning the memory from no longer used files, empty the trash and for removing old date from deinstalled apps like the app “SD MAID” for example would be nice.

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I loved old Nokia N900 display, specially because of calendar.


Wow, yes… that looks really nice! Not that much and also simple!
I like👍🏼

I have a similar calendar on my “usual” home screen…I have this layout on my 'phones normally, I sometimes move things around a little to suit the wallpaper, but this is generally how I set it up.

Weather widget (Yr), Moon widget (Daff Moon), Calendar widget (aCalendar+) and then some shortcuts to my most used apps.

Simple and clean.

There’s an entry for October 3rd. Wonder what that could be?


Lol, what does it mean on the 3rd of october?
We will see what Firas will tell us about the release…
your homescreen looks very clean and nice!

I started countdown, 3th of october is public holiday and saturday, so, I suppose, carbons will be shipped on monday, 5th of october 2020 ( :slight_smile: )
I expect to get carbon on tuesday or wednesday
I will say… 11 days left, or what do you think, guys?

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Giul… it would be so nice, to receive our great smartCarbons…
let’s see and wait what happenend to the antennas test🤪

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Firas has announced for today (Friday) to deliver an update here. So far nothing came yet. :thinking: :unamused:

2018 I proudly announced that in may 2018 I will get incredible smartphone - Carbon. I informed my friends in USA,UAE, Ukraine, Catalonia. I asked in Vodafone Shop why Carbon is listed only by T-Mobile… so, everybody was waiting, some asked for bonus smartphones ( it was promised for 3 friends 25 or 30% less as regular price) now I am just sitting and waiting with crossed fingers :slight_smile:

some pictures from february 2018