Don't Give Up, Keep On Going!

Dear Carbonizer Team,

After using the new Samsung S22 as my daily driver, I just switched back to the Carbon. The Carbon just feels so much better.

The screen looks better than the S22’s screen, the battery life is surprisingly better in standby mode, and it’s so much lighter and thinner.

Please don’t give up, you have something special here.

I’m eyeing buying a second Carbon just in case there are no more Carbons.

Keep going team!!


I can definitely confirm that with the standby and also the durability of the battery during telephone calls. Since I often spend my days away from home from morning to night and only read news etc. on my smartphone, I simply take the Carbon with me, in which the SIM card is located, and the Huawei P3 Lite to surf. So I can easily get through the day with both devices.