Data security Carbon 1 MK II

In the announcement from february there‘s been talked about the fleksy keyboard & further applications that will be added. Which features regarding data security will be available besides fleksy & accordingly how will it/they work ?

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Is face recognition something you will or want to provide ?

As CEO and Founder of a company specialized on biometric security I wouldn’t go for face recognition… there are better ways with more options …

CARDIOID is offering a technology based on AI and ECG … and maybe the founders will be the first to enjoy it…

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I‘m not sure how to think about it, but too me that goes too far.

That sounds interesting, but now a phone has no sensor to collect this data. How do you want to do that, extra gaget, smartwatch?

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Hi Achim, yes… as let’s say a nice addon… maybe the carbonizer smartband… or smartwatch …

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I like face detection. I don’t consider it any less secure than (most people’s) 4 digit PIN numbers or pattern unlocking. My current 'phone does face unlock “properly” in that once it recognises me the lock screen is dismissed and the desktop opens up. When face unlock only removes the need for entering a password but still requires a swipe to dismiss the lock screen I find it far less useful. I have a Chinese 'phone (Smartisan) and I have tried to fool the face unlock with pictures, other people and the like thinking it was probably just looking for any face, but I’ve not been able to. It must be doing something?

Hi Steve, the point is - FaceID or Recognition is just convenient, but it is not secure… From the point of Cybersecurity a biometric factor that can so easily copied like voice, face, fingerprint is by definition not secure.

The other point is … it is interrupting any action … e.g. you are eating and a call comes in, you have to pick up the phone and look at it just for unlocking…

Additionally it has no further security function… we think about more functions like payment, signing email, generting session key, secured voip, encryption etc. even unlocking the car … with a and that is the point verified identity.