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I am completely bewildered by the lack of being able to contact customer support I have now had a phone with a dead screen for a month Do I simply write off the money that I paid for this phone and go on to get another phone instead

Very sorry to read that. :frowning:

I’m very pleased to finally make some contact with support
The screen on my phone has gone black although it does appear to charge can you please give me instructions on how to and where to send it back for warranty work
Thanks phil dayson

I´m sorry. But i´m just another owner of a Carbon. However, i had some similar case once. My screen was black and did not react at all. i solved this by running the battery completely out of power. Then i connected the phone to the charger and anything was going well since then.

My device got it at the end of October (during charging in off mode). - Screen black and horrible beeping. Desperate and overtired (after travel) never ending pressed around by Chinese characters and beeping. Clueless but obstinate brought success. My CARBON started to live again. I am still not 100% over it and now your message.

Help effort came only from Groundtorpedo - thanks again.
Unfortunately, no one from the CARBON team commented afterwards. - Pity - I am sad.

In the meantime, I use the old method with paper or take a replacement device with me when flying.

Yes, the support should be changed urgently (phone/special email address).

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Gibt es, leider scheint das Telefon in einem schalldichten Schrank zu stehen und die Mails werden nur einmal monatlich gelesen.

Die “contact us”-Seite meine ich nicht.