Customer Support Not Responding

I’ve been stuck in a loop between Ingram Micro and Carbon Mobile Support for a week now, trying to get a simple confirmation relayed from Carbon to Ingram for the shipment of my unit. I’m checking with Ingram through phone every day, they’re not getting any responses from Carbon, which is the same as I’m experiencing (sending daily emails and getting 0 responses from Carbon).
I’m curious if everything is all right there? I hope you’re all doing well and can respond to my simple request asap.
As a last option, after wasting my time on the phone with Ingram and sending emails to Carbon for 8 days now, I thought of creating this topic for my continued trouble with my unit since I received it 9 months ago. PLEASE HELP

I had the same issue called Berlin and talked to a very helpful guy.I think it depends which company is actually delivering the phone you ordered.The worst of them all is Hermes and the best is DHL.That nobody answers is rather strange.You sure you got the right number?

Thanks for the reply, Danny.

In my case, it was the Carbon Mobile Support team that wasn’t responding, and the number below from the official site did not work. I was calling from the Netherlands but that shouldn’t be an issue with the phone calls.

Phone numbers mentioned on the;
Germany (DE) +49(0)30 1208 2035 (didn’t work)
Netherlands (NL) coming soon

Ingram Micro (support partner), on the other hand, was quite helpful and responsive, but they were not able to get any contact from Carbon either, so 10 days was wasted during the process, both Ingram and I were only waiting for a simple “ok” from Carbon. Anyways, it’s sorted now but after a lot of my time being wasted…

Hello @Sayan
Which email did you send to?
What is the issue you are facing?
We didn’t receive a note from IngramMicro actually.
Happy to support.

Hi @firascarbonizer,
I’m sorry I’ve missed your message. I was in touch with I cannot know what happened in the background, but Frank from IngramMicro was telling me that he was waiting for the response from Carbon. This issue was finally resolved after a couple of weeks has passed and I received a replacement from Ingram, which is again causing me issues.

The screen of this new (replacement) device is popping out, I contacted on Jan 5, and I got an initial response from support the same day, however, I’m once again having the same issue, as it’s been 2 weeks today that I didn’t get any other response from Carbon to my daily emails. I also CC’ed Jascha from support and Jamie (as I have their email addresses) but no one is writing back to me. As a kind reminder, I’ve been having constant issues with Carbon since the day I bought my phone and I’m really wishing for a solution to my problems. I’ll appreciate it if you can get this process moving. I just need the support team to respond to me.