Connection issues

My Carbon 1 has constant difficulty maintaining an internet connection and reception when making a phone is very sketchy. Most of my phone calls the other person cannot hear me speaking.

I have spent a lot of money on this phone, and it does not work. I have given up trying to use it for online access because it just stays “loading” for several minutes, even for hours I cannot connect to the internet.

Yes the phone is light and thin, but other than that it is has been an extremely frustrating and a horrible experience. I am very dissatisfied with this product and unless someone can fix these connection issues and reception issues, I want a replacement model that actually works, or I want a full refund.

Hi @Apollunai
Sorry to hear you’re having issues with connectivity.
The team will be in touch shortly to discuss your connection challenges.
For any questions in the meantime, do contact us on

Honestly, with the internet connection i had no real problems. And if, i turned mobile data off an on again. But the WiFi ist still very poor. My larger problems are the malfunctions during simple phone calls. Within some minutes i am on speaker, or on hold. With the speaker on i still know, that i´m talking. On hold i can talk, till i get black, as we in Germany used to say. And sometimes the phone simply dials, because some sensor has the feeling, that my ears perhaps want to talk to someone else.

This is extremely annoying, because a normal phone call is simply not possible. :frowning:

Just by the way, the delivered camera-app on my Carbon still crashes. But i use HD-Camera, so that i´m fine.

I still like the Phone. As i like my old C63 AMG.

But i don´t give it a chance on the “real” market with all these major bugs. Forget the camera, there are cheap options within the app stores. Make a deal with them. What i expect of a smartphone is, that it is primary a phone. And secondary a computer.

That is why i still own my 136.000 km old C63 from 2009.

It simply works!!!