Carbon Headphones

Does anybody else secretly harbour dreams about the Carbon headphones we used to talk about in the old community? :heart_eyes:

Or is it just me? :nerd_face:

Maybe we will see them again one day…? I’m sure you still got some old prototypes stashed somewhere in a safe! :wink:


Spot on @Markus
Yes, we will bring it back…
Carbon 69 still alive, they will get a big upgrade!
Our priority now is to finish and deliver Carbon 1 MK II.
The earphones project is way easier!, so we will get back to that later, still this year. :headphones:

Glad you still remember that.



That is great news! I am so happy that you haven’t given up un them!
I never forgot about the Carbon 69! I was so excited about the sound experience and wanted to try them. Still do! :drooling_face:

Finish Carbon 1 MK II. Than continue with the :headphones:
Whatever you need - count me in! :smiley:

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Wow, that’s great news! I thought you give up on that in favor of the MK II. Count me in on the 69ers as well :+1:

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Let´s first see how good the Carbon works. It will be hopefully a long lasting device. So there will be enough time to improve it through the headphones. But - to be true - rhere are allready many good headphones in the market and therefore i would´nt focus on that as Carbonmobile right now.

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You are right of course! There are many great headphones out there. But the Carbon 69 had so much potential… and as something work-related for me, the headphones have always been a project close to my :heart:. So I was just curious and to me honest… a little bit greedy! :innocent:

But MKII first… than… maybe? :star_struck: