Carbon 1 MK II WINS JEC Awards For Design 2021

Hi everyone
Today we are very proud to say that the Carbon 1 MK II has won the prestigious JEC Innovation Award for design.

The JEC Awards are the Oscars of the Composites sector. Major players including household names like BMW and Ford and industry giants Covestro and Toray were battling it out this year.

This is real validation from the industry that they believe in the project and Carbon Mobile’s role in accelerating the adoption of high performance materials in electronics.

We couldn’t be here without you. Your belief has kept us going and purchasing the Carbon 1 MK II demonstrated that there is real consumer demand for a carbon fiber monocoque smartphone.

Here’s the moment Firas accepted the award at the virtual event held earlier today

Onwards and upwards and more awards to come!

You can read more here: Carbon Mobile | JEC Innovation Award Winner for Carbon 1 MK II - Newsroom - Carbon Mobile

Thanks all


Another great achievement, congratulations :clap:

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Congratulations to the Carbon Mobile Team

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Wow - two thumbs up!! Wish I had more thumbs to flash :grin::grin::grin:

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Congratulation Guys !!!

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My hat’s off to the carbon team!!!

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Congrats to Berlin! :tada:



Think this might be a wonderful time for my final full review.

I am extremely happy with this product. It has exceeded my expectations and I feel lucky to be apart of this project, supporting a sustainable future. The camera works great. The ear buds are also just as functional too. Awesome job everyone!!!

My only complaint would be with the accessories, or lack of them at the moment. I very much want to buy another cord :joy:. I love that I get to be in touch with the “Team” it feels way more personal and caring. Super excited to be riding the future wave with CarbonMobile!!!

Suggestions. I was curious if, as a founder, could a “share” come “our” way, as a way of saying, thank you for being a believer who helped build the dream?!? Also a voucher update would be nice? I have several friends now chomping at the bit, for a phone, so the sooner the better on that one too?!

Thanks a lot,




Congratulations also from me!
Carbon I is a new design benchmark

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Hi Silas
Thanks for the review!
We here you regarding the voucher and we are working on a special Founder offer right now - if all is approved, we should be able to communicate it later today/ tomorrow :slight_smile:
Watch the community for updates.


Congratulations for the award.

Those days - i let my Mk 1 for some minutes in the Croatian sun - i experienced the problem with the display coming off. I took it home, changed my SIM into the Huawei P30 Lite, and used that for some days, whilst my Carbon was under pressure with normal temperatures, so that the glue could restabilize. It worked!

I feel also very well with the phone. What still anoys me is this damn problem while having a call. It permanently switches to “Hold” or “Speaker” or even to “Torch” or is even activating Bluetooth. It is nearly not possible to do a business call with this phone. The sound quality is pretty good, but when you don´t hear your counterpart for some seconds, you have to look at the phones display and f.e. close the dial application.

Sorry, but i don´t want a Masterpiece of Design. I want primary a working phone.

Once i compared the Carbon with my C204 C63 AMG T-Model (137.000 km so far). It is an absolutely unnecessary car. But it works! While the Carbon does sometimes not.

I bought a Camera-App which fullfills my needs. I installed a Mail-App that works. I can live with much less battery power then those of the Huawei P30 Lite.

But i would finally like to have a working phone. And this may be a major reason, why the Carbon could be a Loser instead of a Stunner. So, i hope that the next software-update makes things better.

Greetings from the Island of Losinj.

Al Pictures were taken with the Carbon 1 Mk II.


Congratulations @firascarbonizer ,
Congratulations @jamie ,
Congratulations team Carbon.
Well deserved one.

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Congratulations all together at Carbon mobile!!
Well done!

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I have bought this peace of art unplanned. I have an Mi11 ultra for daily driver phone. This one was in Mediamrkt DE for nearly half price. I was wondering with weight , and total unrealistic like
U.F.O. feeling with this peace of art. I’m pleasantly surprised that all works good. Yes, this is not a super phone, but mannnnn this is so so sexy SEXY peace of art. And when someone sees it and holds it everyone is surprised. Now my Super Duper Mi11 Ultra sitting at home. This one is just cooler and more pleasant.


The perfect response @Propov - so glad to have you on board!