CARBON 1 MK II Delivery Update

Hello everyone,
I was checking for a regular production/delivery update but didn’t find an up-to-date topic so I’d like to start this conversation. Can you please let us know what should we expect in terms of the deliveries?
After the launch last Monday, I was expecting some personal updates regarding the deliveries of the orders and I also didn’t catch any email or news on that front. Any information is appreciated.
Thank you


I’d like a delivery update as well. The last one was in January.
When can I expect my Carbon to be delivered in the US? I read delivery is expected mid-March so I’m hoping in the next 2 weeks.
At the latest by the end of the month!

Hello @rayliverified and @Sayan
@jamie should be contacting you soon to update you on status.

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Thank you very much sir for following up.
The current state of phones is ridiculous. The Samsung S21 Ultra is 229g and 8.9mm thick. It feels like using a brick.
When I demoed Samsung’s phones at the store, my favorite one was the A50 if I remember correctly because it had a plastic back and was the lightest. That phone felt better in my hands than their top of the line premium phones.
If I want a light iPhone, I’d have to go with the iPhone 12 mini.

A huge thank you to you and the Carbon team for creating a phone under 8mm thick and lighter than 180g (which every flagship in the last two years has exceeded).


Received an email update today saying shipment should start on the 29th March.
Thanks @jamie for the update🙂 hope things are moving ahead as planned👍

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Thank you, I received a delivery update too.

I’m excited the phone will be arriving this month. I can’t wait to hold the result of a 3 years journey.


Finally received my shipping notification!

Unfortunately, the origin says Hong Kong. Please please let that not be the case.

Hello @rayliverified
Actually, all international shipments are shipped from Hong Kong.
European Shipments from Germany.

What is the issue my friend?

I was not aware, good to know!

If the Carbon is manufactured in Germany, how does the shipping originate from Hong Kong?
I’m in the US so there’ll be a wait that means.

No issue, I’m happy it’s on the way!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
At local FedEx facility

The suspense, praying the shippment doesn’t get lost! :cold_face:

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I got my carbon Yesterday!! This device is future, just wow!


That was a long trip.
Very happy for you.
Enjoy your Carbon. :alien:

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Hi, I have placed the order and completed the payment. After that I do not receive any update and there is no response in the given order enquiry email even I have send few emails to it. Is there any other method that can let me check the status? Thank you.

Hell @06405561g , we have actually already replied to your email. Can you check if it went to Spam folder? All is good. Your order should be delivered still this week, probably tomorrow :slight_smile:

I have received the replied email just now. Thank you very much for your follow up and looking forward to receive the tracking information and product soon. Thank you.

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Hi, unfortunately, I still do you receive any tracking information or delivery status, followed by several unresponse emails. Sorry that I have no choice and I have to request for refund base on this situation. Please help to arrange. Thank you.

Sorry to hear that.
Give us 24 hours to get back to you, will make sure to resolve it for you the best way possible.

Apology for not sharing the tracking information earlier.


Hello @06405561g I had written you by email that it might arrive yesterday. If it has not, then it might take a day or two longer. I have sent you the tracking number to your email address.

OK. I have received the tracking information. Thank you for your follow up.