Carbon 1 MK ii Charger Adapter Watt

Hello Everyone,
I am unable to find out how many watt charger/adapter am I supposed to use that will not burst/burn my phone.

(Earlier my friend had some NEW android phone and he had used a 3rd party charger from a local store, his phone’s charging port became black and the phone was internally roasted and never turned back on)

I don’t want such a thing to happen to my Carbon 1 MK ii, can someone please tell me how many watt should my new charger be of?

Thank You Very Much.

Here’s a picture of the adapter which shows max. 18.0 watt:

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Mr Thom, Thank You Very Much Brother.
I really appreciate it.
Actually I did not get any charger brick/adapter with my carbon phone that I purchased just a couple weeks ago and just booted it up.
I believe I will have to purchase an 18W charger for it.
God Bless You.

Any 5V charger will be suitable. No need to buy a special one. The Carbon supports a fast charger but for that to work the Carbon requests that the charger switches into fast charge mode. If the charger doesn’t understand that request, it stays in the default ‘slow’ charge mode.

Unless there is a fault in the charger, using one of a higher capacity (or lower) shouldn’t damage the Carbon, or the charger. It will simply extend (or reduce) the time taken to charge up.

No charger was sent in the box of the original Carbon, they were available after launch, on request. I am not sure if later versions came with one, I think not as Carbon were very keen on their ‘green’ credentials.

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