Branding and design thoughts

What is everyone’s take on the device styling, logo and overall carbon branding?

Besides the fact that it’s a carbon unibody which of course is unique. Would you consider the overall branding cool or relevant enough in 2020 to stand out?

Hi @darrenmillar

We are always exploring new areas of design. We have recently redesigned our website and we’re working on more exciting stuff for the future. We’re really keen to see the response here and what people think to help future planning.

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Nice to know your ears are open for suggestions.

I have a few thoughts but for now I will keep them to myself until I see the product in person! :slight_smile:


Good evening, if the phone will be ready for shipping, what are the plans for the design & the materials used for the packaging ?

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Black plastic box with carbon effect? Could look cheap and not being actual carbon fibre might detract from the sustainability message.

Recycled plastic could be used and would be more sustainable than virgin plastic.

Dark wood bamboo box? That might work, if the bamboo was dyed black could look quite good, and bamboo is sustainable.

My Wife recently bought a Mondaine watch where the case was made of a black resin made from recycled material. This was also placed into a case (which doubles as a mobile 'phone carry case) which is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. A similar recycled material was used for the strap, backed by cork. This package all worked really well and reinforced the sustainable claims that the watch held.

A packaging has already been presented here.

the page doesn‘t exist, if i click on this link

Sorry, I didn’t think of that, the link goes to the Founder Archive and is therefore not generally accessible.

@Thom, @MkStevo @darrenmillar

Hi all
We are in the process of revamping the packaging.
The designs are looking very nice but we have a big decision we need your POV on and a good continuation of this topic.
It would be great if you could take a look at this and let me know what you think.
Thanks all